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What's the best treatment for YOUR cold sore?


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Hi! I’m Chris Mueller, life-long cold sore sufferer, researcher and creator of this Quiz.

Based on the information you’ve shared and the little I know about you and your situation…

The ‘Cold Sore Treatment Type’ that is right for you is known as:

  1. External skin regenerators
  2. Skin building nutrients

What does this mean?

It means is that at this point in your cold sore, you’re not dealing with the cold sore virus anymore. Instead, you need treatments that create an environment for accelerated skin healing.

Unfortunately, most common cold sore treatments don’t contain anything that helps your body repair the skin damage left by your cold sore.

And the best way to do that is to use a combination of external skin re-generators (creams that promote healing) and skin building nutrients (specific vitamins and minerals that help with skin repair).

Now, contrast that to common advice that tells you to keep using a single cold sore treatment until your scab fully heals.

Why does this approach work?

Because most treatments only contain compounds that fight or interfere with the cold sore virus.

But at this point in your cold sore, the virus is already dead. Meaning those types of treatments are useless because they are fighting a symptom that’s not there.

Instead, you need to focus on the specific ‘root cause’ you’re dealing with right now.

And in your case, that ‘root cause’ is:

  • The skin on your lips is damaged

So, you need a treatment (or treatments) that creates an optimal healing environment, both externally and internally.

Problem is, common cold sore treatments do neither of those things.

Plus, even if a treatment does promote skin healing, it probably doesn’t heal your skin from multiple angles at the same time.

That’s why it’s better to use a specific combination of treatments that heal skin from both the inside and the outside.

And if you really want to optimize the skin healing process and reduce the chances of scarring, you have to use the right treatment at the right time.

Meaning you need to combine those treatments strategically to create a synergy that’s more powerful than the sum of its parts.

In other words, you need to understand when and in what context to use each type of treatment.

What happens when you DON’T use the right cold sore treatment at the right time?

Or, what happens when you use the same treatment throughout your outbreak?

Here are five things that happen when you don’t use the right cold sore treatment at the right time:

  • The wrong treatment at the wrong time does nothing to slow, stop or heal your cold sore. You’re trying to fight a symptom that’s not there. You jump from one treatment to the next, desperate to find something that actually works. Which is frustrating as hell.
  • Your cold sore grows, throbs and hurts as much as it would without using any treatments. And the bigger it gets, the easier it is for everybody to see and stare at in disgust. This drives your shame and embarrassment up to eleven. Not fun.
  • Makes your cold sore last much longer than it needs to. Now, most people don’t understand how cold sores can completely take over your thoughts. When you have one, it’s all you can think about. The self-consciousness debilitates your confidence and the dark cloud of depression looms close.
  • Your cold sore takes a lot longer to heal. That means more days where you can’t can’t talk, eat or laugh without the scabs cracking and bleeding all over the place (and don’t get me started on brushing your teeth!). So, you hide at home, avoiding any type of social activity with friends or family. You have no life whatsoever.
  • It’s more likely to leave a scar. If your skin doesn’t heal right, it’s more likely to leave a red spot. This ‘scar’ can take years to disappear, if at all. You’re branded for life as a person with ‘herpes’.

Sucks, right?

The good news is there’s hope…

Here’s how you can avoid all that and heal your cold sore scab much faster

With a laser targeted treatment strategy based on the current stage of YOUR cold sore.

Any good treatment strategy starts with addressing what are known as the ‘5 key targets’:

  • Block the virus from entering healthy cells
  • Stop replication of the virus
  • Kill the virus
  • Lower inflammation
  • Rebuild the skin

Now, you don’t need to deal with all ‘5 targets’ at each stage of your cold sore.

Like I mentioned, based on your quiz results, right now you need to rebuild the skin (5).

Here’s what happens when you address these ‘key targets’ at the right time:

  • Your cold sores actually stop getting worse, on the spot.
  • The pain, itchiness and discomfort start to recede, immediately.
  • Your cold sore stays small, which makes it a lot less obvious to people around you. Gone are the judgmental stares, the shame, the embarrassment.
  • Your treatments work consistently. No more jumping from one treatment to the next.
  • Your cold sores are shorter and heal much faster. You can get back to living a normal life, sometimes in mere hours instead of weeks. Smile and laugh with friends and family as if nothing was wrong.
  • The confusion of how to treat your cold sore is gone.
  • You gain a sense of control and stop obsessing over your lips. You stop living life at the mercy of your cold sore.

It’s truly liberating.

All you have to do is create the right balance of treatments for the specific stage of your cold sore.

Of course, treating cold sores goes much deeper than what we’ve explored here.

It’s too much to explain on this one page.

Now, if you’re interested in learning more about getting rid of your cold sore as fast as possible…

Check out my ‘Cold Sore Treatment Tactics’ ebook.

It reveals the best treatment strategy for you, based on the current stage of your cold sore.

It details how each treatment type works, why they’re effective, and when to use them.

And because you’ve made the time to take the Quiz and tell me a little about you and your current situation…

And because I understand the pain you’re going through right now (I’ve been there more times than I can count)…

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Now, the only catch is this:

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This is for two reasons:

  1. First, I have to be fair to everybody who bought ‘Cold Sore Treatment Tactics’ at the regular price in the past.
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So if you want to get rid of your cold sore faster than ever…

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But if you’re still not sure if it’s right for you, keep reading to find out what’s included.

What is Cold Sore Treatment Tactics?

‘Cold Sore Treatment Tactics’ is a PDF ebook designed to show you how get rid of cold sores as fast as possible.
It’s delivered automatically via email the very moment you buy, so you can download and read it instantly.
As a PDF document, you can read it anywhere, anytime on your phone (iOS or Android), tablet or computer. But if you’re still not sure if it’s right for you, keep reading to find out what’s included.

Who is ‘Cold Sore Treatment Tactics’ for?

‘Cold Sore Treatment Tactics’ is for you if you answer ‘YES’ to 2 or more of the following questions:
  • Are you tired of typical cold sore treatments that don’t work, no matter how early you use them?
  • Are you tired of researching new, better treatments, because the ones you’ve been using do nothing?
  • Do you feel like some treatments actively make your symptoms worse?
  • Confused about what treatments to use and, more importantly, when to use them?
  • Are you sick and tired of treatments that work once, but never again?
  • Do you feel like the treatments you use don’t work fast enough to stop your cold sores?
Cold sores are a huge pain in the butt. But figuring out how to treat them shouldn’t be such a struggle…

What do you get?

When you buy ‘Cold Sore Treatment Tactics’, you learn how to get rid of cold sores faster than you thought possible.
It comes down to attacking your cold sores from the right ‘angle’ at the right time.
You’ll learn…
  • How to triple the effectiveness of any cold sore treatment. By matching the right treatment to the 5 ‘key targets’, you can easily obliterate any outbreak much, MUCH faster
  • Why avoiding the ‘evil’ amino acid arginine is the best way to drag out the duration of a cold sore. In fact, science shows arginine is crucial for healing the damage caused by cold sores
  • Think cheap treatments can’t possibly be effective? WRONG. In fact, some of the most potent cold sore killing products are some of the most inexpensive. Find out what they are here
  • Better than prescription antivirals? Did you know that tea tree oil has been scientifically proven to reduce the duration of your cold sore MORE than acyclovir? It’s true! BUT! It only works if you use it like this
  • The 5-minute ‘scorched-earth’ method for stopping the progress of even the most severe outbreak dead in its tracks. There’s no scientific evidence that I know of to back this up, but…
…it’s easily the cheapest and most powerful trick I know for destroying oozing blisters in mere minutes!

But that’s not all you’ll learn in ‘Cold Sore Treatment Tactics’. You’ll also discover…

  • Why antioxidants are useless for treating an ongoing or impending cold sore (you need to read this if you’re thinking about holding a wet tea bag on your cold sore)
  • How to tell when a cold sore is coming DAYS before you feel that dreaded tingle. Once you know this secret, you’ll be able to crush the herpes virus long before it does any damage
  • The ‘boxing trainer’ secret to healing scabs in record time (this has been used by pro-boxers for decades to quickly heal cuts and scrapes after a fight. Best part, it’s incredibly cheap and may even help prevent future cold sores.)
  • The little-known compound that can double the healing speed of your next cold sore scab, without leaving a scar. Plus, this nutrient has also been shown to help with a laundry list of other health problems (like reduce the signs of aging, improve joint health, prevent bone loss, reduce cellulite, weight loss, healthy teeth and gums, re-balance hormones, support healthy arteries, alleviate anxiety, etc.)
  • Why your immune system is your own worst enemy during a cold sore. Here’s a simple trick to make it fight for you, not against you
  • Desperate to stop your cold sore in the tingling stage? Learn the treatment combination that stalls the progress of any cold sore almost instantly. Do this whenever you feel one flaring up and prevent the blisters from forming at all
Most advice you can find online about fighting cold sores is written by people who have only ever had one or two cold sores.
Or worse, they’re paid writers who have never had a single outbreak in their entire lives!
This pisses me off to no end, because they’re just rehashing the same generic advice available everywhere.
But I made sure to provide information that you can’t get anywhere else.

That’s why you’ll also find out…

  • What cold sore treatments to never combine
  • Did you know that prescriptions pharmaceuticals like acyclovir don’t actually kill the herpes virus? It’s true! Despite this, they can still be one of the most powerful tools in your cold sore fighting arsenal, IF you use them properly…
  • Why you can’t actually ‘reverse’ a cold sore blister and return your lips to their original state. However, this sneaky method can keep it as small as possible, and instantly stop it from getting worse
  • The secret to making natural and home remedies actually work. This is how your hippie aunt’s weird treatment recommendations can be more effective than even the most expensive prescription pharmaceuticals
  • A list of the only treatments you will ever need, when to use them, and more importantly, how to combine them for maximum synergy. This is crucial because while you’re while you’re wasting hours researching treatments on google, NOTHING is stopping your cold sore from getting worse
  • The fast-acting ‘spray’ that reduces swollen, itchy lips in mere seconds. Not only does this spray relieve symptoms incredibly fast, it can be used in combination with other cold sore treatments to enhance their effectiveness. In fact…

…this spray targets cold sores in a way that literally 99% of other treatments completely ignore, even though it’s the root cause of most of your nasty and embarrassing symptoms!

Cold Sore Treatment Tactics’ also reveals…

  • The single moment when topical zinc is most effective. Using it before or after this short ‘window of opportunity’ is an absolute waste of time.
  • CAUTION: If you’re not using the right treatment types in the right order, you’re shooting yourself in the foot (or lip) and you’re only contributing to making your cold sore bigger, more painful, and more embarrassing. Learn the specific ‘treatment sequence’ you should be using instead.
  • The shocking truth about typical cold sore treatments that your doctor and pharmacist aren’t telling you. Ignore this and you’ll spend years jumping from one treatment to another with zero results.
  • WARNING: Only use this controversial treatment as a LAST RESORT. It’s brutally effective for obliterating disgusting blisters, but can leave light scarring and even spread your cold sore if used wrong. Here’s how to use it in the safest manner possible.
  • Why your cold sore treatments seem so unreliable and don’t work the same from one outbreak to the next. The real reason this happens actually has nothing to do with the treatments you use and everything to do with this oft-ignored fact.

Plus: How to tell how long your cold sore will last, from the very first sign… Is it better to keep your cold sore scab moist or dry to promote healing? The answer may surprise you… If your cold sores last longer than this, you have bigger, more severe health problems than cold sores and you should go see a doctor immediately… What to do about the reddish/pink spot on your lip left behind by a cold sore. You can drastically accelerate the healing process by doing this…

…and a whole lot more.

So tell me, how would you like to be free of embarrassing cold sores?

What will you do when you have the power to crush any cold sore on sight, before it does any damage whatsoever?
What will you do when your cold sore vanishes in a few days instead of weeks?
Being able to go out in public without even thinking about it…
Being free of the oppressing shame and humiliation…
Having your co-workers look at you like a normal person…
No more wasting hours researching cold sore treatments online…
Being able to socialize confidently
Talk, smile and laugh with zero worries…
No more freaking out at every tingle…
No more obsessing over your lips…
No more living a limited life held back by cold sores…
That’s what Cold Sore Treatment Tactics can do for you.
Now look, I want to make this decision as easy as possible for you.
Normally, Cold Sore Treatment Tactics sells for $97.
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Why am I offering it at such a discount?
Because I know what it’s like to be in the throws of a cold sore outbreak.
I don’t wish it upon anybody.
So I want to get this information in the hands of as many cold sore sufferers as possible.
That’s why I’m offering it right now for only $14. Click the button below to get started:
That’s less than the cost of a tube of Abreva.

And consider this:

A Valtrex prescription can cost up to $300 per month.
A single laser treatment for cold sores at the dentist costs something like $300.
Plus, if you take sick days because you can’t bear the shame and embarrassment of people staring… how much is that costing you?
The average minimum wage in the US is $11.80 per hour. That’s $94.40 per day lost (minimum) every time you call in sick because of a cold sore…

But the bigger question is, how much are you willing to suffer?

 How much pain, shame and embarrassment are you willing to endure?
How much is it worth to finally escape the tyranny of cold sores and reclaim your self-confidence and self-respect?
How much is it worth to live a normal fulfilling life?
That’s something only you can put a price on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “How fast do the treatment strategies work?”
I’d love to tell you that your cold sore is going to vanish overnight, but it’s not quite that simple. How fast ‘Cold Sore Treatment Tactics’ will work for you depends on multiple factors: the size of your cold sore, how far along it is, the viral load, your current health status, etc. What I can tell you is that these treatment strategies will work faster than any individual treatment you’ve tried before. Seriously, it’s like hitting the Fast-Forward button on your cold sore.
Q: “I’ve bought ebooks about cold sores before and they all turned out to be useless pieces of junk. What makes this different?”
I feel you. Before I had the idea too write ‘Cold Sore Treatment Tactics’, I bought every ebook on the subject I could find. Unfortunately, they were all nonsense. They only covered typical cold sore “remedies” you can easily find on google. Stuff like ice, tea tree oil, homeopathy, lysine, hydrogen peroxide, DMSO, etc. None of them showed how to strategically combine treatments to make them more effective. It was because of this lack information on the topic that I wrote ‘Cold Sore Treatment Tactics’ in the first place. Honestly, if there already was another guide like it, I wouldn’t have bothered writing it…
Q: “Does it reveal any new cold sore treatments?”
Cold Sore Treatment Tactics’ does not reveal secret cold sore treatments the CIA is hiding from you. In fact, most of the treatments inside are things you’ve probably heard about (although there are a few that are almost never talked about). So don’t go in expecting to find a revolutionary new treatment. What ‘Cold Sore Treatment Tactics’ does is show you how and when to combine treatments for maximum effect.
Q: “Do you offer a money-back guarantee?”
Each purchase of ‘Cold Sore Treatment Tactics’ comes with a conditional 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee. Meaning this: you have to actually try the strategies it teaches. So if you read it don’t learn how to get rid of your cold sore faster than ever before, send me an email at chris@incarsoreate.com. Explain SPECIFICALLY what you didn’t like about the ebook and how it’s NOT better than the information you can find elsewhere. Once I read your email, I’ll send you a prompt refund.
After clicking the blue button above, you will go to a checkout page where you will be asked to enter your payment information.
Once the payment is complete, you will be redirected to the confirmation page. DO NOT close your browser before you see this page.
The confirmation page will contain the instructions on how to download your purchase immediately.
If there is any issue with your purchase, send me an email at chris@incarsoreate.com and I will personally send you the files as soon as I read your email. Just keep in mind that depending on what time zone you’re in, I may not see your email immediately.

One Last Thing…

Now you know how the information contained in Cold Sore Treatment Tactics can help you.
It’s helped many others stop their cold sores dead in their tracks and get rid of them in record time.
It’s worked for me… and I’m positive it will work for you too.
If you try it (I mean actually try it) and don’t like it, you’re protected by the 30 day 100% money-back guarantee.
And here’s something we both know:
Your cold sore is getting worse by the minute…
So, the question is, do you want to keep using the same old treatments and get the same old results (or lack thereof)?
Will you finally take matters into your own hands and finally take the fight to your cold sores?
Your call.
Chris ‘the cold sore killer’ Mueller