Are the numbers, statistics and testimonials presented here real or are they faked?

Any statistics, numbers, testimonials or success stories we present here are real and we will never fake them.

If we don’t have any to present, we won’t show any.


Can I return a product if I don’t like it?

Yes you can.

However, understand that we do not own any of the products that we recommend. That means that we can’t control what the owners of the products decide to do.

Also, know that most of (if not all) of the products that we talk about or recommend do accept returns at the time we promote, present or talk about them.

But given that the product owners might change that at any given time without giving us notice, please understand that we cannot guarantee it 100%.


Can I cancel my membership if I’m unsatisfied?

Yes you can.

Some of the products we recommend are membership programs that charge an ongoing fee if you want to stay a member.

If at any time you want to cancel, you can.

Membership sites are required to accept cancellations and we check to make sure this is the case with any membership program we promote.

However, once again, we do not control the membership subscriptions in question. Any discrepancy between the fees paid for membership access and cancellation requests are in the hands of the product owners, not us.


What should I do if I have a problem with the products I buy or a problem with this site and its marketing?

If there is any problem with the products you purchased let us know.

Even though we are not the owners and can’t control how problems are handled by the product owners, we can look into it and find out if it is a recurring problem.

Then, we can put in a complaint on your behalf (two voices are louder than one, right?) and decide if we want to continue promoting the product in question or not.

But know that your best bet for dealing with problems with the product in question are by contacting the product owners themselves.

If you have any problem with how this site is handled or marketed, please use our contact page. There you will find multiple ways to come into contact with us.


Can I copy content I like from this site?

You can copy content from this site, provided that you ask us first via our contact us page.

In any case, we ask that should you copy content from our site that you reference us accordingly.

Give us credit for the content and we’ll happily let you use it.


How do you earn money from recommending products?

We earn a certain percentage of the full price when one of our website users buys one of the products we recommend.

For example, if you access the recommended product through this site and buy the product, we will earn a commission on that.


What is the nature of your business relationship with the publishers of products you recommend?

We are an affiliate for the publishers of the products we recommend.

That means that we have an agreement essentially stating that if we refer customers to them, we will earn a percentage based commission on any products the customer buys.



Full Legal Disclosures

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