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The Never Ending Cold Sore Story

A poor girl going through a rough patch of outbreaks writes: “I have not been outbreak free for longer than 4 days for the last year and a half. Daily Valacyclovir only lessens the pain not the duration. I’ve tried all kinds of supplements and nothing works for me. My

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Does lysine really help stop cold sores?

Odds are if you’ve been looking for a way to stop those icky cold sores from coming back all the time, you’ve heard of lysine. They say it’s the yang to arginine’s yin. Some people swear it’s the best thing since orange soda, some think it’s a huge waste of

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Why I don’t do lysine to fight cold sores

I’ve got a confession to make. I have very little discipline. Case in point, I suck at taking supplements or vitamins. I can’t seem to be able to take them for more than a few days in a row before forgetting about them entirely. And the thing about supplements is

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