Can I refund your products if I don’t like them or I change my mind about my purchase?

Yes you can.

If for any reason you decide that a recommended product you bought isn’t a good fit for you, all you have to do is ask for a refund.


How long do I have to ask for a refund?

This depends on the product and whether it is a property of Incarsoreate or it is being sold via an affiliate agreement.

However, in most cases the shortest period of time you have to ask for a refund is 30 days.


How can I request a refund?

After your purchase, you should get a receipt via email.

In this email you will find information on how to contact the vendor and ask for a refund.

Also, most membership sites have a support area where you can ask for a refund.

Just keep in mind that most products recommended here are not owned by us. Therefore we aren’t the ones who handle the refunds.


How will refunds be credited to me?

You will be refunded the same way you paid.

If you used a credit card to buy the product, you will be refunded on the same card you use to purchase.


Are there any other fees associated with refunding?

No, not usually.

Most products we recommend have 100%, no questions asked refund policies within a given time frame after the purchase.

This is the case for most digital information products we promote.

However, in some cases we might promote a physical product. In this case, some vendors might charge a restocking fee or something similar.


Is it easy to cancel subscriptions?


All you have to do is contact the support desk for the membership program you no longer want to be part of and ask them to cancel your membership.


How does the “free tube of cold sore cream” promise work with the money back guarantee on the Cold Sore Control product?

The free tube of cold sore cream applies only to refunds demanded within the first 15 days of purchasing Cold Sore Control. Beyond the first 15 days, only the main, lifetime money-back guarantee applies. Also, to get the free tube of cold sore cream, you must specifically ask for it while demanding your refund. We will not ask or remind you. You can ask for it up to 7 days after the refund has been issued, but not beyond that point. Also, we reserve the right to refuse to honor the free tube of cold sore cream guarantee to any customer who asks for a refund, for any reason we see fit (e.g. customer is  aggressive, impolite, mean, unreasonable, etc.), even if the demand was made correctly within the previously prescribed period (we will however, always honor the no questions asked money-back guarantee).

From there, we will work out the logistics of getting it delivered to you. Keep in mind there is a $20 USD limit on this guarantee, including any applicable taxes and shipping. In the case where the shipping costs and/or taxes increase the price beyond $20 USD, we will not send it. To remedy this, you can ask for a different, less expensive brand of cold sore cream. We will make every effort to work something out.


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