Congratulations! (<- sarcasm)
You're a...
Cold Sore
Welcome to the club. (<- more sarcasm)
Welcome to the club.
(^ more sarcasm)

But seriously.

I’m guessing this is one club you’d rather NOT be part of.

Instead, you want to live free.

Free from the terror that another painful, disgusting outbreak can hit at any moment.

Usually with zero warning.

So here’s the big question…

What would your life be like without cold sores?

What would you do if you could:

  • Show your face at work or in public without even thinking about it…
  • KNOW you’ll be cold sore free for that upcoming job interview, party, or date…
  • Smile, laugh, and love like a normal person…
  • Be confident in your own skin…
  • Be stress free. Fearless…

What COULD you accomplish then?

Problem is, cold sores don’t allow for any of that

Because every time you make a move towards your hopes and dreams…

BAM! You get hit with yet ANOTHER nasty cold sore.

Just a few months, weeks, or even days since your last one finally cleared.

Groundhog Day.

Two steps forward, three steps back.

Back to feeling ashamed and embarrassed of your own reflection.

All you want is to live normal, just like everybody else in your life.

Is that too much to ask?

Well, I’m here to tell you no, it’s not.

That despite all the failed treatments you’ve tried, you can stop cold sores from coming back to haunt you (<-not sarcasm).

All you need is a different, smarter approach.

“According to the World Health Organization, 67% of the global population are infected with the cold sore virus (HSV-1). Yet, most of these people NEVER get symptoms…”

So, what makes YOU one of the unlucky few?

Why do you get cold sores over and over again while most people don’t even know they have the virus?

The answer is viral reactivation.

Viral… reactivation?
The heck is that?

When you don’t have a cold sore, the herpes virus is hiding in in your ganglia in a state of latency (think sleep).

Viral reactivation is the process that takes the cold sore virus out from its state of latency and into its active state.

In other words, reactivation wakes the virus up from its slumber and causes it to infect your lips. Then, it ruins the next two weeks of your life.

It’s the single most important event of a cold sore.

Let’s take a closer look:


1 – In between cold sores, the virus is hiding from your immune system in the ganglia of the trigeminal nerve.


2 – A specific signal triggers viral reactivation. The virus takes this as a sign to wake up and travel down the trigeminal nerve towards your lips.


3 – Then, the virus infects the skin cells in your lips, and begins replicating itself. This is what causes your typical, very unpleasant cold sore symptoms.

Reactivation of the virus is THE single most important event of a cold sore


Because without it, nothing happens.

It’s worth repeating:

Nothing. Happens.

Reactivation is the first domino to fall that cascades into a full-blown cold sore.

Without it, the virus stays hidden, does nothing, and your lips don’t get infected.

This means if you can stop the virus from reactivating, you stop the first domino from falling and…

…you stop the possibility of a cold sore even happening.

But for some reason, nobody talks about this. It’s as if everybody just assumes there’s nothing you can do to stop this from happening.

Heck, no cold sore treatment in existence even tries to stop the virus at this level.

What does this mean for YOUR cold sores?

Based on how viral reactivation works, there’s only one way to stop a cold sore from happening in the first place.

You need to stop the reactivation trigger that tells the virus it’s time to wake up:

trigger blocked3

Stop the evil finger that knocks over that first domino.

Because again, if there is no ‘triggering signal’, there’s no reactivation. And if the virus can’t reactivate, it’s impossible for it to infect your lips and cause a cold sore.

No virus = No problem

Why cold sore treatments FAIL to prevent outbreaks

Does it feel like no matter what treatments you use, you can’t stop cold sores from coming back?

This is because cold sore treatments don’t actually stop the virus from reactivating.

Instead, they block the viral replication in already infected cells.

Yes, even expensive prescription pharmaceuticals.

Let’s take a close look at what this means and why this is bad news for recurring cold sores.

What is viral replication?

As shown above, once the virus has reactivated, it infects healthy cells and hijacks it so it can multiply:

viral replication normal

It makes copies of itself which increases its chances of infecting other healthy cells.

All preventative treatments attack the replication process of the cold sore virus:

viral replication inhibited
Here's a few examples of common treatments for preventing cold sores:
  • Avoiding the amino acid arginine in your diet. The virus needs arginine to build new viral particles during the replication
  • Taking lysine supplements. Lysine blocks the absorption of arginine. By doing so, it restricts the amount of arginine the virus has to build new viral particles. This slows down the replication
  • Prescription antivirals like acyclovir. They work by interfering with the intra-cellular mechanism the virus uses for replication. Like throwing a wrench in the machine.
Can you guess what's wrong with this approach?

It’s that these treatments target the WRONG PROCESS.

For these treatments to work at all, replication must be ongoing. But this implies that the skin cells in your lips are already infected with the cold sore virus.

And because your lips are infected, your chances of preventing a full blown cold sore drop to ZERO.

It’s like trying to stop your house from burning down, but waiting to see smoke before doing anything. The fire has already been lit and stuff WILL burn.

This is why focusing on stopping viral reactivation is your best bet. It makes sure no fire gets started in the first place. And that way, there’s nothing to extinguish.

Question is, how do you stop the cold sore virus from reactivating?

If common cold sore treatments can’t stop the cold sore virus from reactivating, how can little old you do it?

CAN you even do it?

The answer is a big, fat, resounding yes

And it all thanks to a recent discovery from a team of scientists at a top ranked American University.

Here’s what these scientists discovered:

They found a specific biochemical pathway that, when activated, signals to the cold sore virus it’s time to wake up.

It’s like an alarm clock for cold sores.
But when the scientists blocked this biochemical pathway from becoming active…
The cold sore virus was unable to reactivate. At all.
Like unplugging the alarm clock.
This biochemical pathway is called the ‘c-jun-N-terminal-kinase’ pathway.
And while there’s no treatment designed to stop it becoming active, there are lots of easy ways to do it.
It just requires a different approach to what you’re used to hearing about preventing cold sores.
Ultimately, preventing cold sores comes down to 2 things:
  1. Cutting out the ‘triggering factors’ that activate the ‘c-jun-N-terminal-kinase’ pathway from your diet (which has nothing to do with arginine or lysine)
  2. Improve your body’s ability to flush out these ‘triggering factors’ before they signal the cold sore virus
This is where Cold Sore Control comes in
Cold Sore Control is a system that shows how to use the ‘c-jun-N-terminal-kinase’ pathway discovery to your advantage.
It shows you how to eliminate these ‘triggering factors’ from your system. That way, the cold sore virus stays asleep and can’t bother you.

You block to TRUE source of recurring cold sores.

You gain complete control over the virus and thus, your cold sores.

So, if you’re sick and tired of dealing with cold sores, click the link below to learn more about Cold Sore Control.

Let me introduce myself...
Hi! My name is Chris Mueller.
And I hate... no, DESPISE cold sores, with a passion.


Because I’ve been getting them all my life, since before I was 5 years old.

From my late teens to my mid twenties, I got huge clusters of cold sores almost every month. They ruined my dating and social life for YEARS. Crushed my confidence and self-esteem. That’s why I hate them so much.

At one point, I got fed up with treatments that promised the moon, but didn’t deliver.

So, I used my education background in scientific research to learn all I could about cold sores and the herpes virus.

This led me to discover unique cold sore prevention strategies nobody else was talking about. Stuff that works better than anything I tried before.

I now share my discoveries with cold sore sufferers from around the world on this website and in my Cold Sore Control system.

I’m happy you’re here and ready to get rid of your cold sores, once and for all.

So, let’s kill those cold sores together, shall we?

Ready to live
cold sore free?

I want you to retake control of your life. To never struggle, worry or suffer through another outbreak, ever.

Now, I’m guessing you took this quiz not just because you want to stop getting oppressed by cold sores. But because you want more out of life.

I want to see you live without limits. Without the shame and embarrassment imposed by cold sores.

That’s why I created this website and the Cold Sore Control system.

It’s for people who are fed up with getting their confidence and self-esteem destroyed by cold sores.

Because you know that deep down inside, you have so much more to offer the world.

But it’s damn hard to shine when your light is blocked out by cold sores.

What comes next?

I have a lot more to share with you by email.

I want to save you from the unnecessary struggle of living with recurring cold sores.

That’s why a few times a week, I’m going to email you tips and tricks to treat and prevent cold sores.

So, keep an eye on that inbox. I’ll see you there.

– Chris

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