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According to your answers,
here's the problem...

Your cold sores keep coming back randomly because nothing is stopping the herpes virus from reactivating in the first place. Here are 3 things that happen when viral reactivation isn’t stopped:

  • The herpes virus is free to reactivate whenever it wants. It triggers cold sores without warning, at the worst possible times.
  • Cold sores are be bigger and last longer. Outbreaks last weeks instead of days.
  • Cold sores come back more often. You spend more days out of the year with a cold sore than you would otherwise.

See, reactivation of the herpes virus is THE single most important event in a cold sore.

It’s the first domino to fall that cascades into a full blown outbreak. And if you can stop that domino from falling in the first place, you completely stop the possibility of a cold sore even happening.

And yet for some reason, nobody ever seems to talk about it. I’m not sure why…

But allow me to reiterate: viral reactivation is the starting point of each and every cold sore you’ve ever had and will ever get.

Stop that from happening and a cold sore is just not possible.

So the question is, what causes it to reactivate in the first place?

Is it because the universe wants you to suffer?

No, it’s not.

Although it often feels like that.

Believe me, I know.

Hi, my name is Chris.

I used to get big, nasty cold sores left and right almost every month.

And no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to stop them coming back.

I can’t even tell you how many life events I’ve had ruined by cold sores.

Job interviews, dates, you name it.

I tried all the common stuff like taking lysine supplements and following a low arginine diet.

Nothing worked.

But after years of reading about cold sores and scientific articles about the herpes virus, I eventually discovered a little-known, uncomfortable truth about virtually every single cold sore treatment out there.

Here it is:

Most treatments/strategies you think are designed to stop cold sores from coming back (like lysine supplements, avoiding foods that contain arginine, and even prescription pharmaceuticals like acyclovir and valtrex) don’t actually do anything to stop cold sores from happening in the first place.


See, all those so-called preventative treatments work by interfering with the REPLICATION of the herpes virus.

But like I said, cold sores always begin before that. Cold sores start when the herpes virus REACTIVATES.

Let’s take a look at the difference between viral reactivation and viral replication, shall we?

First, it helps to understand a little bit what the herpes virus is doing to make you go from no cold sore to big nasty blisters seemingly overnight.

Here’s a quick rundown of the life-cycle of the herpes virus:

  • Step 1 – Most of the time, when you don’t have a cold sore, the virus is in a state of latency. This means the virus is hiding in the ganglia of your trigeminal nerve and isn’t doing much of anything. Unfortunately, the virus is out of reach from our immune system in this state (this is why you can never totally rid your body of the virus).
  • Step 2 – The herpes virus gets triggered by something and decides it’s time to REACTIVATE. This is when it comes out of hiding, exits the cranial nerve and floats around, looking for healthy skin cells in your lips to infect.
  • Step 3 – The herpes virus attaches itself to healthy cells, and wiggles its way into them.
  • Step 4 – The herpes virus starts REPLICATING. It hijacks cellular machinery in order to make as many copies of itself as it can. It keeps going until the cell literally bursts, releasing countless more viral particles which spread and infect other healthy cells.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 – This cycle of infecting cells, replicating and spreading continues until your immune system retakes control, but not before substantial damage (i.e. itchy, disgusting cold sore blisters) is done to your lips.
  • Step 5 – Once the immune system regains control over the infection, the herpes virus goes back into hiding inside the ganglia where it lays dormant, until the day it decides to reactivate again.

Obviously, this is a bit of an oversimplification, but you get the idea.

Now, look at those 5 steps again, and answer me this question:

In terms of stopping cold sores from happening in the first place, do you think it’s more effective to stop REPLICATION or REACTIVATION of the virus?

The answer is, objectively, REACTIVATION.

See, for REPLICATION to even be happening, the skin cells in your lips must already infected with the herpes virus.

And if the virus has already made its way into healthy cells, your chances of preventing a cold sore drop dramatically, no matter what treatment you use.

In other words, it’s too late. The infection has already taken hold inside your cells, meaning your cold sore is already ‘in progress’.

On the other hand, if you can stop REACTIVATION, you literally cannot get a cold sore because the herpes virus doesn’t even make it into the skin cells in your lips!

You see the difference?

Now unfortunately, practically every so-called ‘preventative’ cold sore treatment available only targets REPLICATION. Case in point:

  • Arginine is said to help replication of the virus. So “don’t eat it” they say.
  • Lysine is said to block replication of the virus. So “take lysine supps” they say.
  • Acyclovir and other similar prescription pharmaceutical antivirals interfere with intracellular steps of the REPLICATION process. So “take daily antivirals” they say.

Now, why do these treatments work for some people, but not for others?

Well, it mostly has to do with something called the ‘viral load’. But that’s a whole other can-o-worms.

But the issue remains: the root problem ISN’T replication, it’s REACTIVATION.

And, if I’ve learned anything in my 30 years of experience dealing with cold sores, it’s very difficult, even impossible, to prevent cold sores from happening unless you focus on blocking the REACTIVATION of the virus.

Sounds great! Except for one thing…

How in the world do you block the REACTIVATION of the herpes virus?

I mean, if even pharmaceutical companies don’t have pills to do that, is it even possible?

I’m telling you blocking reactivation is very possible, even pretty simple when you know how.

But it does require you to adopt a few unorthodox strategies, stuff that you won’t hear or read about in traditional cold sore advice.

More specifically, it comes down to tweaking your diet and lifestyle to eliminate the factors that trigger the herpes virus to REACTIVATE in the first place.

It doesn’t require any extreme changes or that you live like a Tibetan monk either.

But like I said previously, I’m not talking about your typical cold sore diet advice. This goes WAY deeper than stuff like “avoiding arginine and eating more lysine”.

It’s all about taking advantage of a few powerful leverage points that will give you complete control over your cold sores.

These are the concepts I talk about in the next parts of this 5 part series which you will get by email.

If you want more details right now about preventing cold sores by blocking viral reactivation, check out my Cold Sore Control system at the link below:


It contains the most potent, cutting-edge strategies for making cold sores a thing of the past.

Tomorrow, I’ll send you the next part in this cold sore prevention series. It’s all about the viral load and how it impacts the recurrence of cold sores. This is weirdly another very important concept almost nobody talks about.

So keep an eye on your email inbox.

That’s enough for now.

Talk tomorrow,

Chris “the cold sore killer” Mueller