Trix are for cold sore outbreaks

You hear it all the time, especially on TV:

“Part of a complete breakfast”

Key word there being “part”, as in if you only eat this you’re not getting all the nutrition you need.

And so it is with most (if not all) breakfast cereal. Sure, the brands marketed to kids are the worst culprits, but even the so called healthy kinds are just crap.

It’s disappointing, I know. All our favourite childhood mascots have been lying to us for years.

The bumble bee, the rabbit and especially that little green leprechaun.

Now if you get cold sores and know how annoying the constant pain and itchiness really is, you best take this lesson to heart.

Why you ask?

Because the quality of foods you eat has a direct impact on the health of your immune system.

In short, the more bad foods you eat the less able it will be to protect you.

But lucky for you, the opposite is also true.

The more good foods you eat, the stronger your immune system will be. And the stronger it is, the less cold sores you’ll get.

There is a caveat though. A lot of foods you think are healthy, probably aren’t. And a lot of foods you think are bad for you actually are.

The good news is if you read my ebook, you can’t go wrong.

It teaches you the one question you should ask to immediately know if a given food is good or bad for you (and thus, your whole herpes situation).


Chris “the Cold Sore Killer” Mueller

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller