The Freddy Kruger cold sore trigger food you eat daily

There is a food that is everywhere.

It’s probably in each and every meal you eat, each and every snack you stuff down your gullet.

And if you believe what the food pyramid tells you, it’s the one food you simply cannot eat too much of.

But if you want to stop getting recurrent cold sores, you shouldn’t eat it at all.


Or only occasionally, at most.

What is that food?

That “evil” food, is wheat.

It’s in your cereal.

It’s in your bread.

It’s in your pasta.

It’s in your dessert.

Heck, it’s even in your salad dressings and spice mixes too!

It’s as if you can’t escape it.

Getting away from it is like getting away from Freddy Kruger in your nightmares.

You can’t.

The only way to get rid of it is to kill it yourself. Eliminate it completely from your diet.

The facts and research against eating wheat are piling up each and every day, and there’s no sign that it’s about to slow down.

For example, here are just a few things that science had linked wheat to:

  • causes vitamin deficiencies
  • attacks the intestinal lining
  • increases inflammation
  • negatively affects the immune system

And the list goes on…
But read that last one again: negatively affects the immune system.

Now think about it. If eating too much wheat burdens and weakens your immune system, do you think your body can protect you against the herpes virus?

Nupe! It doesn’t stand a chance.

And just think about today’s typical western diet. Cereal and toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, pasta for dinner and dessert after at least two of those meals.

Oh, and probably crackers or cookies as a snack, before or after dinner (or sometimes both).

Sound familiar?

Heck, I know I’ve been guilty of eating like this in the past. And back then, I couldn’t figure out why I was getting such nasty cold sores so often.

But now I know better. I’ve learned what to eat to have a healthy immune system that destroys a herpes outbreak before I can even feel one coming on.

And if you want to know how to do that yourself, all you’ve got to do today is read my ebook, Cold Sore Control here:

It’s the best way I’ve found in years of suffering to stop recurrent outbreaks once and for all.

Sure, it took effort to change my diet. Just like it takes a lot of planning and cunning wit to kill Freddy Kruger.

But now that I’ve done it? I’d never go back. And I sleep like a baby.


Chris “the Cold Sore Killer” Mueller

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller