Coffee And Cold Sores

I’m a drug addict.

Yes, I admit it. I can’t go a single day without it.

In fact, I’ve gotten high off my drug of choice every single day since college.

Yes, without coffee, I simply cannot function. I can’t get going in the morning and I’m a big grumpy mess the rest of the day.

But wait. Isn’t coffee one of the biggest triggers for cold sores?

Many people sure as hell seem to think so. In fact, here is a question I read in a forum recently:

” I have constant OB (14 OBs in 8 months now).

I adjusted my diet a lot (no Chocolate, no nuts, less sugar, no alcohol…)


The only thing that I’m still taking is one latte in the morning (only one a day but everyday)

Do you think I should cut the coffee too? I read in this forum that people have problems with coffee when they drink many a day.

Is one coffee a day considered a lot for HSV?”

I know this question hits home for a lot of people.

Odds are you too drink a few cups of coffee each and every day.

And if you keep getting cold sores every few weeks or so, you’re probably wondering if it’s because of your daily dose of caffeine.

It’s a scary thought.

Because if it is, you’re faced with choosing between drinking coffee (COFFEE!!!) and getting cold sores, or giving up coffee (COFFEE!!!) and NOT getting cold sores.

Talk about Sophie’s choice, right?

But fear ye not. There’s no need to give up your daily addiction.

Well, not completely anyway.

Here’s why.

Most of the negative side effects you read about caffeine don’t happen after one or two cups.

You know, things like increased heart rate, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, depression, tremors and sleeplessness.

I mean anybody who drinks coffee knows you only get those problems after drinking like 4 cups in a row.

And in the case of cold sores, caffeine can cause issues because it raises the levels of cortisol in your body (i.e. the stress hormone). And chronically high levels of cortisol can lead to a depressed immune system.

And a depressed immune system is less likely to catch and kill the herpes virus (and a free herpes virus leads to you know what).

But hey, that doesn’t mean you need to completely give up coffee in order to stop getting cold sores.

Just that you may want to think about limiting yourself to a cup or two in the morning. That won’t do much of anything, except wake you up and get you going of course.

It’s like the old saying goes: “the dose makes the poison”

The simple fact is, there are things most people do that are MUCH more damaging to the immune system than coffee is.

And if you keep getting cold sores (like the person quoted above), you’re probably guilty of a few of them.

And inside my daily cold sore newsletter, you’ll learn how they can easily lead to big nasty cold sores.

Plus, I’ll tell you exactly what to do to take full control over your cold sores so they don’t come back, or that if they do, they’re no bigger than a pin head.

But it’s not for people looking for a miracle overnight cure and are too stubborn to make a few changes or tweak a few habits.

You have to be ready to implement the tips and strategies laid out inside, or else you’ll remain covered in cold sore blisters forever.


Chris “the Cold Sore Killer” Mueller


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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller