Almonds: Cold Sore Trigger Or Cold Sore Killer?

A forum poster asks…

“I read this article recently claiming that almond skins fight off virus including herpes […], but it’s listed as a very high arginine/low lysine food in the lists of foods to avoid for people with herpes..any thoughts?”

Well I knew almonds were good for you, but I wasn’t aware of its anti-viral properties. Live and learn I suppose.

But with all the talk surrounding arginine and how it somehow feeds the herpes virus and turns it into like super HSV (i.e. Hulk-like Simplex Virus), I can see how some cold sore sufferer’s would get their panties up in a bunch.

After all, who wants to eat foods that make their cold sores worse? I sure don’t.

But here’s the thing about almonds: they’re super healthy.

They don’t only contain antiviral compounds, they also contain lots of very important nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

They contain vitamin E and B.

They contain magnesium, copper, phosphorus and manganese.

They contain super healthy fatty acids as well.

And these are all things that make you healthier, not sicker.

I can hear you now… “but but but what about the arginiiiiiine!?!?!?”

To which I reply:

“Who cares?”

Because not only has recent science shown that arginine does NOT help the herpes virus (as I’ve ranted about before), almonds don’t contain much protein overall, and even less actual arginine.

Now sure, if your diet is comprised exclusively of almonds, then yes, you will be getting too much arginine in relation to all other amino acids.

(of course, if your entire diet consists of almonds, cold sores will be the least of your health problems…)

But if you only snack on almonds like a normal person, you’re not getting much.

In fact, one ounce of almonds contains less than 720mg of arginine overall.

And if you’re worried about the whole arginine/lysine balance, just compensate with a healthy source of protein like chicken and BOOM! Balance restored (again, not that it actually matters).

Look, the point is you can’t reduce nutrition to a single amino acid, vitamin or nutrient.

I know, it would sure be convenient. But the fact is your body is a heck of a lot more complicated than that. It requires balance.

And trying to identify every single vitamin, mineral and nutrient your body needs and in what amounts is impossible, so don’t waste your time trying.

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller