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Question is, how do you get rid of those blisters and get back to normal A.S.A.P.?

Right now, your symptoms are at their worst. The swelling, the unbearable pain, the burning and the itchiness are at their peak, or close to it.

Plus, the blisters may start weeping, spread the infection and making things even worse.

Fun times…

Now, let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

The bad news is, there’s no turning back the clock.

If anybody tells you it’s possible to make your cold sore disappear without a trace, they’re lying.

At this point, your cold sore WILL go through all stages. You’re in the blistering stage, meaning there’s no avoiding the scabbing stage that comes next.

The good news is you can take a shortcut and jump into the healing process almost immediately. This cuts at least a few days, sometimes up to a week, off your cold sore.


By using the right treatment strategy to destroy the blisters and kill the cold sore virus.

What happens when you DON'T use the right combination of cold sore treatments?

If you don’t use the right combination of treatments as soon as possible…

…you’re extending your suffering for no reason.

You spend more days dealing with those disgusting blisters.  Constant pain, discomfort and unbearable itchiness.

You can’t laugh, smile or eat without the blisters splitting open and oozing infectious fluid all over your face. This makes your outbreak bigger and even worse.

Plus, if you don’t deal with this right now, your blisters will keep getting bigger. And the worse they get, the bigger the scab you’ll have on your face and the longer it’s going to take to heal.

Yet, you still have to go about your life.

That means people staring in disgust at your nasty cold sore.

That means days, weeks even, feeling ugly and unattractive, thinking “what the hell is wrong with me?”

Your confidence shatters. You’re too ashamed to even look people in the eye.

It’s embarrassing and depressing.

All you want to do is hide in a dark hole until it’s over.

But it doesn’t have to be like this…

Most people can't get rid of their cold sores quickly because they don’t have a systematic approach to treating them.

All treatments have different action mechanisms that fight cold sores on different levels.

Meaning if you want to get rid of your cold sore quickly, you need to know what the cold sore virus is doing RIGHT NOW.

Let’s take a look at what this means for the stage your cold sore is currently at.

What is causing your symptoms right now?

Based on your quiz answers, your cold sore is fully formed. This means 2 main things are happening on a cellular level inside your lips right now:

cells filled with virus

1 – The virus hijacked the cellular machinery to countless make copies of itself. Cells are so full of copies they are on the verge of bursting. Other viral particles floating outside, looking for healthy cells to infect.

burst cell

2 – Infected cells burst and release their infectious content into the inter-cellular space. This increases the number of free-floating viral particles which infect other healthy cells.

What does this mean for you?

Based on this specific type of viral activity, there are 3 main ‘targets’ you can attack. These are the only three ways to stop the progress of your cold sore right now:

drain blisters

Target #1 – Drain the infectious fluid from blisters

viral particles destroyed

Target #2 – Kill free-floating viral particles

viral replication blocked

Target #3 – Stop the virus from replicating once inside cells

Why don’t cold sore treatments work very well during the blister stage?

Do you ever feel like even the ‘best’ cold sore treatment does nothing at all against blisters? Heck, sometimes it feels like it’s making things even worse!

So, what’s going on?

Here’s a few reasons why most cold sore treatments are useless during the blister stage.

Reason #1: Your treatment is overwhelmed

During the blister stage, your cold sore is at its worst. But I’m not talking about pain, ugliness and discomfort.

See, the viral load is also at its peak, meaning the total number of viral particles is as high as it’s going to get.

Most treatments can’t cope because the viral load overwhelms them. It’s not that the treatments aren’t doing their job. It’s that they’re barely putting a dent in the viral load because it’s so high.

It’s like in horror movies when somebody stabs the monster/big bad guy with a pencil, thinking it’s going to stop him. Spoiler alert: it never does.

Reason #2: You’re using the wrong treatment

Another reason why treatments seem useless is… because they are useless at this stage.

See, some popular treatments fight cold sores by targeting the wrong process.

Take Abreva for example. It’s easily the most popular treatment available today.

It works by blocking the virus from entering healthy cells.

Problem is, most cells are already infected during the blister stage.

So blocking the virus from entering cells won’t do much good.

That’s like a horror movie victim who locks the doors and windows to the house while the killer is already inside. He isn’t getting out alive…

Reason #3: You’re not combining treatments in a strategic manner

If you’re like most cold sore sufferers, you rely on one single treatment to get you through your outbreak.

This is a mistake.

A single treatment can only attack one of the ‘targets’ mentioned before. But it completely ignoring the other two ‘targets’.

When you do this, you’re only fighting your cold sore at one-third capacity.

But how can you expect to get rid of it quickly if you’re not fighting all of it?

You can’t. Not very well, at least.

Now sure, using one single treatment is better than using no treatment at all.

But it’s much more effective to attack all three ‘targets’ at the same time. That way, you’re not leaving anything up to chance.

Here’s what happens when you attack all three ‘targets’ mentioned above…

  • The infectious fluid gets drained from the blisters. This slashes the amount of viral particles able to infect healthy cells. In turn, it limits the spread of the infection.
  • You kill free-floating viral particles with a virucidal treatment. This reduces the viral particles left-over after draining the blisters even further.
  • Stop viral particles from replicating inside cells with an antiviral treatment. The few viral particles that do manage to enter cells can’t copies of themselves.
Each treatment type makes the job of the other two easier

Each treatment type makes the job of the other two easier

Getting through the blister stage fast is like stopping a boat with three holes from sinking.

Plug only one or two, and it still sinks. Slower, but it still sinks.

But plug all three holes at the same time and the sinking has no choice but to stop.

That’s why having a strategy is more effective than using a single treatment and hoping for the best.

Instead of fighting the cold sore virus on one level, you fight the virus in three separate, but related, ways.

And when you do this, it creates a synergy between your treatments that becomes more than the sum of its parts.

existing synergy cycle2

When you combine all three treatment types, your cold sore can’t grow and dies off faster. That way, your skin can start healing almost immediately and you get back to a normal life faster.

Now, in a perfect world there would exist a treatment that attacks all three ‘targets’ at the same time.

But there’s not.

So instead, your best option is to attack each ‘target’ separately, as often as possible. You drain the blisters then alternate the between a virucidal and antiviral treatment. Apply one every half-hour to an hour.

The more you wait, the worse your cold sore will get

Of course, the strategy outlined above isn’t magic. It works best if applied from the very first sign of a cold sore.

Plus, I can’t promise how effective it’s going to be for you specifically. It really depends on multiple factors:

  • How bad is your cold sore?
  • How severe is the viral load you’re dealing with?
  • How far along you are right now?
  • How big is it?
  • Is it just one cold sore or is it in multiple spots?

Only you know that.

But one thing for sure is that the longer you wait, the worse your cold sore will get… the longer it’s going to last… the less likely this strategy will work… and the harder it’s going to be to get rid of it.

What's your plan for the next stage of your cold sore?

The strategy outlined above is only effective against the blister stage of a cold sore.

It’s designed to destroy the blisters and kickstart the healing process immediately.

But what are your going to do during the next stage (i.e. the scabbing/healing stage)?

Healing scabs fast requires a completely different strategy. The one outlined here is gets you past the blister stage, but it doesn’t do anything to promote faster skin healing…

And here's the cold hard truth...

Cold sore treatments do absolutely nothing to stop cold sores from coming back to haunt you every few months (or weeks).

You know what the best way to get rid of cold sores quickly is?

But preventing future outbreaks requires a completely different strategy than for treating cold sores. One where you stop the cold sore virus from reactivating in the first place…

This is where Cold Sore Control comes in.

Cold Sore Control is a system that shows you how to get rid of cold sores quickly, no matter the stage, and stop them from coming back at all. It reveals…

  • How to stop an impending cold sore dead in its tracks
  • How to get rid of an existing cold sore as fast as possible
  • How to heal a cold sore scab fast without leaving a scar
  • How to prevent future cold sores from ever breaking out

So, if you’re sick and tired of dealing with cold sores, click the link below to learn more about Cold Sore Control.

Let me introduce myself...
Hi! My name is Chris Mueller.
And I hate... no, DESPISE cold sores, with a passion.


Because I’ve been getting them all my life, since before I was 5 years old.

From my late teens to my mid twenties, I got huge clusters of cold sores almost every month. They basically ruined my dating and social life for YEARS. That’s why I hate them so much.

At one point, I just got fed up with treatments that don’t work and cold sores that kept coming back.

So, I used my background in scientific research to learn all I could about cold sores and the herpes virus.

This led me to discover unique cold sore treatment and prevention strategies that work better than anything I tried before.

I now share my discoveries with cold sore sufferers from around the world on this website.

I’m happy you’re here and ready to get rid of your cold sores, once and for all.

So, let’s kill those cold sores, shall we?


What comes next?

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