Why the crystal-healers are wrong about cold sores

One thing that consistently cracks me up is when ever I hear people going on about how pharmaceutical products don’t work and that natural holistic cures are a better option for curing cold sores.

Look, I’m the first to say many bad things about the pharmaceutical industry.

Such as they don’t actually care about your well being and are a bunch of money grubbing whores.

However, claiming that their products aren’t effective compared to the cures proposed by crystal huggers?


If there is one thing that the pharmaceutical industry does better than any other industry, it’s treat symptoms.

Case in point:

One popular holistic cold sore remedy is coconut oil. Now the argument is that coconut oil contains linoleic acid, which has been demonstrated to have anti-viral properties.

I full heartedly agree with this. Coconut oil is a fantastic food for your health and yes, has some anti-viral properties.

Key word there being “some”.

The problem with viruses (including the herpes virus) is that there are many different types with different strengths and weaknesses.

So, an antiviral that works against one virus isn’t guaranteed to work against another virus, and so on and so forth.

Holistic preachers usually just ignore this and keep spewing their gospel.

On the other hand, pharmaceutical research spends millions of dollars and years finding specific antivirals for specific viruses.

And why wouldn’t they? Even if they could find an antiviral compound that kills any and all viruses, why the hell would they?

They stand to make way more money selling a different pill for each disease (or more specifically, each symptom).

And you bet your ass it works. Otherwise they would only sell a few pills in the beginning and once people realize it doesn’t work, they would never sell another pill again.

On top of that, if their products didn’t work, they would never get approval from the FDA (and it’s international equivalents) and wouldn’t be allowed to sell a single pill.

So all their research and investments would all be worthless.

They’d lose millions, probably even billions.

And it’s because of this that natural remedies can’t hold a candle to pharmaceutical solutions: money.

Pharmaceutical products have to work because they spend so much money in developing them and you know it’s going to be specific to your condition because they can sell more pills that way.

Now I’m not an unconditional supporter of pharmaceuticals. I’m just saying that when it comes to treating symptoms, they have no equal.

Of course, they usually come with a laundry list of side effects though, but that’s a story for another day.

The important thing is that you can bet your ass they take care of the symptoms they target.

The one place where natural solutions have big pharma beat down and begging for its life is in PREVENGTING diseases from occurring in the first plac. And things like making the immune system as healthy as possible.

Why? Because the sicker you are, the more money pharma stands to make. And a healthy immune system ain’t profitable to them.

The more cold sores you get, the more money they make.

The good news is that Cold Sore Control is all about preventing cold sores without pharmaceuticals (or even dubious “natural” remedies):


Follow the guidelines and you’ll almost never get a cold sore again, even without any pills.

But still, if you do get an outbreak, your best bet is to swallow your pride and give money to the evil pharmaceutical corporations. Something in the form of a cream containing a clinically proven active ingredient should do.


Chris “the Cold Sore Killer” Mueller

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller