Why is Valtrex so expensive?

If you’ve been taking any kind of pill or pharmaceutical product for your cold sores, you probably already know the obvious.

This shit, is expensive.

Take Valtrex for example (the commercial name for valacyclovir).

On the cheap end you can buy it for around 5$ a pill, depending on where you live.

And according to the dosage information for it, to effectively prevent outbreaks you need to take 1 pill per day.

Which means a total of 150$ per month, and 1800$ per year.

But why are pharmaceutical companies charging so damn much for these pills?

They do it, because they can.

The thing is the US government does not regulate prices on pharmaceuticals (depending on your country, this might be different). In other words, there’s is nobody in government fighting for you to make sure you can get the medication you need for a reasonable price.

Could it be that someone is getting paid off…?

But that’s not the only reason.

See, the way the pill racket works is that patents for various drugs last on average for 20 years. But during that 20 years, companies have to finish research and trials and by the time that’s done, they don’t have much more than 10 years or so to sell it and turn a profit.

And given that there’s no one to regulate the price, companies charge as much as they can while they have exclusivity on the market.

But hey, 5$ a pill is actually a pretty good deal (relatively speaking).

Remember a little while ago when a big news story broke about a pharmaceutical company that raised the price of one of their drugs by something like 5000%?

Yup! Ended up costing something like 750$ per pill. And it was the only drug available for people with afflicted with a rare parasite.

How’s that for abusing your customers.

But you know what the worst part is? The exorbitant amount of dollars you shell out for Valtrex (or other herpes suppressing pills) isn’t the worst price you’ll be paying.

What do I mean?

Just take a look at the potential side effects  that come with taking Valtrex: abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth, flu-like, symptoms, gas, headache, heartburn, itching, joint pain, muscle aches, nausea, skin rash, trouble sleeping, weakness, confusion, depression, fast heartbeat, hallucination, decreased kidney, function, unusual bleeding or bruising…

Now I’m not saying that you WILL suffer from all of these.

But what do you think your chances of getting at least one (or more) of those side effects are if you start taking Valtrex every day? That is, on top of shelling out almost 2 grand a year…

Scary, ain’t it?

Look, if you want a better way to prevent cold sores, that won’t cost you a dime AND has no side effects, you should read Cold Sore Control:


It teaches you how to fix the root cause of your recurrent outbreaks (i.e. a rundown immune system) without any absurdly priced pill whatsoever.

And it’ll cost you less than a week’s supply of Valtrex.

Your call…


Chris “the Cold Sore Killer” Mueller

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller