The stupidest cold sore cure I’ve ever seen

Before writing my ebook Cold Sore Control, I did a lot of research into other “how to get rid of cold sore” guides out there.

Some were decent. But most were appallingly bad.

Like, so bad I couldn’t help but laugh and wonder if the authors were actually serious.

These terrible ebooks were almost all made up of the most generic advice you can find about cold sores with the most cursory of internet searches.

But there was one doozy of a “cure” that stood out tall and stupid over all the rest.

And that “cure” is…


Drinking hydrogen peroxide.

Yup! The ol’ H2O2.

The supposed logic behind doing this is that “all disease is caused by a lack of oxygen” (their words, not mine).

And, that because hydrogen peroxide is “just like water but with an added oxygen molecule” (once again, their stupid, stupid words), it’ll help oxygenate your body and stop cold sores from popping out.

Funny stuff.

As if any and all diseases are caused by one single thing.

If that were the case, oxygen therapy would cure everything and anything.

And as if drinking H2O2 can possibly be more effective at oxygenating your body than that odd system you have for getting oxygen to your cells. You know, the one that’s been perfected through millions of years of evolution? The respiratory system? Ever heard of it?

Look. If you really want to better oxygenate your body, go for a walk outside. Not only will you be getting WAYYYY more oxygen than drinking hydrogen peroxide, but you’ll feel great afterwards.

Oh, and add that to the fact that drinking a glass of concentrated hydrogen peroxide could kill you…


I’ll do my best to avoid pie in the sky “cures” that don’t even make sense.

I’ll stick to following a diet that helps my immune system fight off cold sores. Like the one explained in Cold Sore Control:

Cause to me, drinking H2O2 sounds like some hokey crap from the 1800’s.


Chris “the Cold Sore Killer” Mueller

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller