How Jaime Lannister heals a cold sore in record time

This may surprise you, but there isn’t much you can do to make a cold sore heal faster.

Sure, you might be able to cut off a day or two with the right creams and balms, but it’s still gonna take at least a week to fully heal the resulting scab.

But see, in my undying quest to keep cold sores out of my life, I’ve devised a way to cut back the healing time of a cold sore in half (at least).

And to explain it, I must use a Game Of Thrones reference.

Because why the hell not?

Here goes.

I forget which episode, but there was one where a small group of soldiers had taken siege in a castle and their opponents were trying to retake it.

Then along comes Jaime Lannister with his army and he figures out a way retake the castle and slaughter everybody in it.

Now see, before Jaime showed up, they weren’t having much success.

All they could think to do was attack the castle from the outside.

Or wait for the occupants to starve to death.

And that is exactly how most people deal with cold sores.

See, all those balms, creams, oils and whatnot can only attack the herpes virus from the outside.

You spread it on your cold sore and hope that it gets absorbed deep enough to reach the virus and kill it off.

The thing is, these creams and balms can’t do anything to heal already infected cells.

That is a task reserved for your immune system.

So really, it’s like attacking a castle that the enemy already occupies (like that Game of Thrones episode).

All you can do is throw rocks at the castle walls and/or wait for the enemy to starve itself out.

For the virus to be done with your skin cells.

Problem is it ain’t leaving before it absolutely needs to.

Thankfully, we don’t live in the world of Game of Thrones.

Our world is a lot less hostile.

You have the distinct advantage of knowing what the herpes virus is planning.

You know that it’s always scheming for a way to attack and cause as much damage to your lips as it can.

You know the “enemy” is planning on taking your castle.

And with that knowledge you can hide in the bushes and ambush the crap out of the herpes virus as soon as it shows up.

It would have a pretty hard time taking your castle wouldn’t it?

And even if it did manage to take siege, it would be seriously weakened and wouldn’t have many soldiers left to hold it.

And that makes any attack you mount from the outside twice as effective.

You could flush them out twice as fast and retake the castle in record time.

Sounds pretty good, right?

But wait, it gets better.

Because in my ebook Cold Sore Control, I don’t just tell you how to prepare such an ambush.

I also reveal how to attack the herpes from the inside of your cells.

That’s something not even the most expensive pharmaceuticals can do.

It’s like hiding inside the castle and mounting a sneak attack as soon as the enemy takes siege.

Wiping them out while they sleep.

Because this way you fight the herpes virus on 3 fronts simultaneously: you ambush them, you attack them from the outside AND you sneak up on them from the inside.

Now ask yourself this, how long do you think your cold sore is going to last if you mount 3 simultaneous attacks on the herpes virus?

That’s right.

A hell of a lot faster than if you only relied on external cold sore creams to do the job.

And because you wipe it out so quickly, it won’t do nearly as much damage as it would have otherwise.

That means less cells infected and a much, MUCH smaller cold sore (if any at all).

And how long do you think it’s gonna take for your scab to heal if there’s so little damage?

That’s right. Really, really fast.

And the best part is that the ambush/sneak attack two-kick combo costs you literally nothing (unlike some of those cold sore treatments).

It’s all accomplished with a weird diet trick I stumbled upon a few years ago.

And it’s only revealed inside Cold Sore Control.

Talk soon.


Chris “the Cold Sore Killer” Mueller

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller