Ripping cold sore scabs

There comes a time in the life of every cold sore where it dies.

The blisters have come and gone, giving way to a big ugly scab. Along with it goes the unbearable itchiness and constant pain.

The day you wake up and realize that it’s just a scab is a moment of relief. You know things are only going to get better from there on out.

But you also know you’re not out of the woods yet, right?

I know from experience that you still gotta be careful to not touch it or accidentally graze it. Not because you risk spreading it around.

No. Rather it’s because if you do accidentally poke it or rip it off it starts bleeding all over the place. Then a new scab has to form which only extends the healing time.

And this goes for everything you do.

Laugh a little too hard and the scab opens up.

Brush your teeth with a little too much recklessness and pop goes the scab.

But to me the worst part is when you’re drying yourself off after taking a shower and you rip it clean off with your towel when wiping your face.

Oohhhh how many times have I done that.

Far too many to count.

I wonder how many extra days I’ve spent with a scab on my lips just because I accidentally tore it off like that.

It unequivocally sucks.

I guess that over the years I’ve trained myself to be extra careful when a cold sore has turned into a scab.

Hell, when my outbreaks were at their worst I was getting them every couple of weeks.

So the difference between ripping a scab off or not meant spending ALL my time with something ugly on my face, or have a few days of respite where I felt “normal”.


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Because less cold sores means less scabs which means less risk of ripping them off.


Chris “the Cold Sore Killer” Mueller

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller