Is The Herpes Virus Life Threatening?

‘Sup friend?

So I was clicking around in a forum the other day and I came across a question that honestly had never crossed my mind.

Some dude (or dudette) asks about the herpes virus:

“Do you think it’s a life threatening virus due to the fact that you can get meningitis?”

Now THAT, is a scary good question.

And honestly, I’ve never given “death by cold sore” much thought.

(I suspect this may even be the first you hear of the herpes virus giving people meningitis)

But it turns out, the damn herpes virus can lead to things much nastier than little old lip blisters.

More specifically, HSV-1 infections can cause encephalitis (which is inflammation of the brain itself, often confused with meningitis which is an inflammation of the meninges and more often associated with genital herpes, i.e. HSV-2).

What happens is, instead of traveling to the skin cells in and around your lips, the herpes virus travels to your brain.

And encephalitis comes with its own set of terrifying symptoms, like headaches. Fever. Neck stiffness. Seizures. Trouble thinking clearly. Hallucinations. Unconsciousness.

Sometimes, you can even be left with permanent brain damage and (this is just speculation) have to be fed baby food through a tube for the rest of your life…

And in some cases, you could die.

Scared yet?

Don’t be.

Because there’s really no need to panic.

See, getting encephalitis is pretty rare. It’s estimated that only one in 200,000 people get it each year.

And statistics claim that only 4% or so of encephalitis cases are due to the herpes virus.

But lets be dramatic and say 10% of cases are due to the herpes virus.

That means that one in 2 million people contract herpetic encephalitis.

And actually dying from it is even rarer, even in people who get recurring cold sores.

In fact, you’re a heck of a lot more likely to be hit and killed by a self-driving Uber gone mad than you are to die from herpetic encephalitis.

Of course, if you do show signs of encephalitis or meningitis, see a doctor ASAP. It is a serious condition.


A lot of people who get cold sores all the time are “dying” in another sense of the word.

As in you isolate yourself out of shame and miss out on all the funz and stuffz life has to offer.

Like hanging out with friends.

Or dating.

Instead, you end up spending far too much time alone, with only your big, nasty, embarrassing cold sore to keep you company.

And like a bully, he makes you feel worthless.

So you’re not technically dead, but you’re not that far off either…

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller