Cold sores of the Third Reich

A few years ago around Christmas time I got one of the biggest, nastiest cold sore I’ve ever had.

Now this little bastard was about an inch wide and ran right up the middle of my top lip.

Not only that, but it spread from the top of my lip almost all the way up to my nose.

Oh and it was a painful one. You know, one of those outbreaks that you can feel throbbing constantly and makes you want to rip your face off?

Yeah. One of those.

Now as always, after a few days, the blisters and the itching gave way to a big ugly scab.

Damn thing went from goo-ish yellow to dark red.

I thought to myself that at least the pain was gone…

But given the location of this here cold sore, it made me look like one of the worst people in the history of humanity.

Yup, that scab made me look like I was rockin’ a Hitler stash.

As if just getting cold sores isn’t humiliating enough, there I was, looking like a high ranking officer of Nazi Germany.


Suffice to say, I didn’t attend any of the holiday parties I was invited to that year.

Family and friends would keep asking, and I’d keep refusing. Probably making up some BS excuse like “feeling under the weather”.

It was shortly after that I started getting my ass in gear about doing something about it though and stop being controlled by them.

I got my diet in check and low and behold, I was never forced to dress up like a Nazi sympathizer ever again.

Or forced to avoid parties.

Want to learn how I did it?

THIS, is how I did it:


Chris “the Cold Sore Killer” Mueller

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller