The Never Ending Cold Sore Story

A poor girl going through a rough patch of outbreaks writes:

“I have not been outbreak free for longer than 4 days for the last year and a half. Daily Valacyclovir only lessens the pain not the duration. I’ve tried all kinds of supplements and nothing works for me. My question is why now?”

Let me first say, I feel you. I’ve been there too. And it sucks, unequivocally.

I remember trying every damn supplement, cream, balm, natural remedy, etc. I could get my hands on and nothing seemed to work. Cold sores just kept coming back every couple of weeks (with a vengeance).

Now, I obviously can’t speak to her particular situation.

But my guess is that she needs to change her focus. Instead of trying to find that one “miracle” supplement, she needs to focus on making her immune system stronger.

See, creams and supplements are what I like to call “whack-a-mole” solutions.

i.e. you apply cream to the cold sore from the outside, you take a supplement or pill in the hopes they contain a magical compound that will “whack” the herpes virus on its head and force it back into hiding.

But here’s the thing most people don’t consider.

By the time you have symptoms (the tingling, the itchiness, the puffiness, etc.), it’s too late. The herpes virus has already infected your skin cells.

And anything you use from then on out only fights the symptoms, not the root problem.

And that’s when you find yourself always chasing the next best thing. A new balm, a so-called “revolutionary” supplement, some exotic oil extract… or whatever.

But none of that will help you in the long run.

It’s all just damage control. None of those address the problem behind the symptoms.

Instead, if you were to focus on freeing up your immune system and building it back up into a killer army, it would take care of the herpes virus BEFORE it even reaches your skin cells.

The result? Much smaller cold sores, a whole lot less often.

And that’s what I recommend in Cold Sore Control. It’s designed to help you fix the real problem behind recurrent cold sores.

That way you don’t have to scramble to keep finding a more potent cream or a higher dose of supplements.

That’s not to say creams or supplements CAN’T be useful. They sure can be, provided they’re used in the right CONTEXT.

For example, in Cold Sore Control, I reveal a little known supplement discovered by a Nobel Prize winning scientist from MIT that may be more effective at suppressing the herpes virus than some expensive pharmaceuticals.

But used on its own? It probably won’t do much (CONTEXT, remember?).

So if you want to stop chasing “remedies” and finally take care of the root of your cold sore problem, read more about Cold Sore Control by signing up to my daily newsletter.


Chris “the Cold Sore Killer” Mueller

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller