Cold Sore nutella methadone clinic

Whenever I recommend to someone that they should give skipping breakfast a try if they want to stop getting cold sores all the time, I usually get a funny look.

Shortly followed by a “are you stupid”, and sometimes a “no way in HELL I’m doin’ that”.

After that, they usually go on their merry way and never give the necessity of breakfast a second thought.

But they keep getting cold sores…

To me that’s no surprise.

But it gets me thinking.

What is it about breakfast that they aren’t even willing to give up for a few weeks just to see if it helps with their outbreaks (which it does)?

Are they so addicted to breakfast that they are willing to keep getting cold sores every few weeks?

Makes no sense to me.

I know I’d do pretty much anything to NOT get those disgusting blisters all over my lips.

It’s like they’re breakfast junkies and pop-tarts are their heroin.

What I should be selling instead of my ebook is methadone for nutella.

To wean the addicts off gradually.

I guess that some junkies are lost causes. No matter how much help you extend, they’ll shun you in favour of their drug of choice.

But hey, I get that skipping breakfast isn’t the easiest habit to kick when you’ve been doing it your whole life.

It’s worth it though, unless you LIKE getting cold sores…

And I lay out how to pull it off in Cold Sore Control.

By the time your reading this, you might have already had breakfast today.

But fear not. Read my ebook today so that tomorrow you can start your peanut butter detox:


Chris “the Cold Sore Killer” Mueller

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller