Injecting Hydrogen Peroxide To Stop Cold Sores

I’m constantly amazed at the lengths some people go to try and stop cold sores from coming back.

Case in point, a poor sap who decided to receive a… shall we say “uncommon” intravenous treatment:

“I came to the conclusion that oxygenating the infected tissues could very well be a cure. […] I searched my area to find a Dr that might do H202 (hydrogen peroxide) treatments.

To my surprise I found that the very alternative medicine Dr I had been to several years ago, for an unrelated issue, did the treatments.

For the most part I am extremely skeptical of doctors, but this Dr in particular, impressed me with his thorough knowledge of both conventional and alternative treatments.

We started iv treatments about 3 weeks ago […]I am doing the IV treatments 3 x a week […] I am paying $80 per visit”

Well I have to say, I’m impressed by your doctor’s gall and complete and utter lack of scruples. Oh, and not to mention his glaring misunderstanding of basic high school level chemistry.

I mean wow. I had heard of drinking hydrogen peroxide, but injecting it into your veins!? That’s just beyond stupid.

Look, I get that getting outbreaks left and right sucks.

And I get how frustrating it can be to try all sorts of cold sore treatments and medications and not see any significant improvement whatsoever. I know how desperate you can be for something, anything that will help even just a little.

So I understand how tempting it is when some respectable looking “doctor” comes along and tells you he’s got a “secret” solution to your cold sore problem.

But most most likely, he’s full of crap.

Like this poor dude’s doctor.

Here’s why.

First of all, hydrogen peroxide costs pennies. And this “doctor” is charging him 80 bucks, 3 times per week? That’s $240 per week, $960 per month!!!

That’s highway robbery. And this doctor is clearly only out for himself.

But that’s the least worrying thing in this story.

See, hydrogen peroxide is a HIGHLY reactive substance that will chew through any biological tissue like a starving pig through butter.

So what do you think is going to happen when you put that stuff into your veins?

Be all gentle and stuff?

Hell no.

It’s gonna rip apart the closest molecule it can find (i.e. you) and leave nothing but destruction in its wake.

Don’t believe me? Consider this: a free oxygen atom is more reactive than a free chlorine atom. It’s pretty basic chemistry (which is why it’s so bewildering some doctors don’t seem to know this).

Would you inject chlorine into your veins in the name of cold sores? Yeah, didn’t think so.

So that “extra oxygen atom” the cold sore quacks are so fond of WILL do more harm than good, guaranteed. And it WON’T oxygenate your body.

Look, injecting H2O2 in your veins is dangerous as hell. And any legitimate doctor worth their bloated pay check WILL tell you that.

And any doctor who tells you it’s safe should be shot. No phone call, no trial, no jury, no nothing. Shot on the spot.

Sounds a little drastic? This story might change your mind.

A few years ago, a doctor named James Shortt used intravenous administration of hydrogen peroxide on his patients.

He claimed it could cure a laundry list of diseases, from AIDS and multiple sclerosis all the way to the flu and Lime disease.

But then, 2 of his patients died. He got sued, convicted and lost his medical license.

Justice: served.

If you ask me, dude got what was coming to him.

Here’s an idea. You want to oxygenate your body? Ride your bike. Put your sneakers on and go for a run. Take a damn walk. GO OUTSIDE AND BREATHE.

But for god’s sake, do NOT inject hydrogen peroxide into your veins.

Because you could literally, not figuratively, literally die.

There’s no need to go to such extremes anyway.

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Best of all, you’ll find out how to be completely independent of both pharmaceuticals AND quacky alternative treatments while still getting little to no outbreaks.


Chris “the Cold Sore Killer” Mueller

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller