If Superman had a cold sore

What with super heroes being all the rage these days, I find it appropriate to ramble on about them today.

Now there’s no denying that Superman is a purdy darn popular character.

He’s been around forever and he’s actually one of the few heroes to get a string of movies way back in the eighties.

Heck, he even beat Micheal Keaton and Tim Burton to the super hero punch.

Now one of the analogies used to describe Superman is that he’s so strong that can stop a moving train.

Granted, human ingenuity can too; there ARE brakes on trains after all.

But when you picture the man from Krypton doing it, you imagine him stopping it on a dime, right before it kills a bunch of people.

Yup, he’s a pretty powerful dude that one.

But you know one thing that I’m willing to bet Superman COULDN’T stop?

That’s right, a cold sore outbreak.

Now I doubt his kryptonian immune system would even allow the herpes virus to survive, but we’re talking hypothetically here.

Let’s say for a minute that he got exposed to too much kryptonite which weakened his immune system. If he were to get a cold sore then, I promise you all his strength couldn’t do a thing to stop this outbreak once it’s started.

Maybe he can stop a moving train, but he can’t stop a cold sore.

Because the thing about cold sores is that once they get started, there’s no stopping them. Once it gets going, it WILL go through all its freak-nasty stages and there is no remedy or medicine that can interfere with that process.

So I have to laugh each time I see a cream, pill or ebook touting to contain an overnight cure effective enough to do that.

Uuuhhhhhh… not happening.

I’m not that naive, and neither are you (…I hope).

Instead, I’ll keep beating the drum: if you don’t want cold sores, learn to prevent them.

That way you’ll avoid jumping from one “miracle” cure to the other, because you simply won’t need them.

And the best way to do that is by fixing your diet, as explained in Cold Sore Control:


And if you want to know which foods destroy your immune system like kryptonite destroys superman’s, go and read it today.

If you don’t, well you’ll have better luck stopping a freight train.


Chris “the Cold Sore Killer” Mueller

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller