How Unlucky Are Recurring Cold Sore Sufferers?

I knew the herpes virus was everywhere and that the majority of people carry the virus.

But I had no idea just how prevalent it was until recently.

See, I came across a study performed by a dude named Herbert Kaufman (et al.). And what he and his group did was they took samples from 50 asymptomatic individuals (i.e. people with no symptoms of herpes, cold sores or otherwise) and tested them to see if they carried signs of HSV infection.

What were his findings?

He found that 98% of people did in fact shed HSV genome during the 30 days they were tested.


That blew my mind. I mean, I’d heard of statistics claiming up to 80%, but 98 is just crazy. That’s basically everyone.

Granted, there are a few limitations to his study. Mainly he only tested 50 people, and it’s possible his results would change with a larger sample size, although not drastically.

But really, who cares how many people are infected?

To me that’s not the issue.

Because the reality is there’s nowhere near that many people who experience symptoms. And there’s even less people who get FREQUENT, RECURRING symptoms.

I don’t know the numbers, but I’m willing to bet under 10% of infected get multiple cold sores a year.

And those who get inch-wide clusters of oozing blisters practically each and every month, I bet they’re part of an even more exclusive club (I’m guessing less than 3%).

We the unlucky few…

The stigma of cold sores doesn’t come from being infected. It comes from how bad and how often you get outbreaks. That’s what people see and that’s what you get ogled for.

I mean, would you care about being infected if you had no symptoms to speak of?

I’d give anything. Well, not quite my left nut, but damn near.

Well, since that wasn’t an option for me and you, I wrote Cold Sore Control.

It’s designed to teach you how to stop outbreaks from coming back all the time, even if you’re part of the unlucky few.

Find out more about Cold Sore Control by clicking the link below:

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