Cold Sores vs your immune system: One must kill the other

In many ways, fighting off cold sores is kinda like being at war.

The two opposing sides pummel the crap out of each other until one can’t keep going, and a lot of innocent people are killed in the process.

It’s a story as old as life itself.

But that’s besides the point.

The point is cold sores are just that, a war between the herpes virus and your immune system.

Both duke it out until until one wins and the skin cells in and around your lips are the unfortunate victims, innocent bystanders just trying to go about their jolly way.

Now most of the time your immune system wins out, otherwise you’d have one big cold sore instead of a head.

And if you get them a lot like I did, you might even actually feel like that’s the case.

But just like any war, the bigger the difference in power between both camps, the shorter the war ends up being.

When one side is that much stronger and better equipped, the faster the opposing side is defeated.

So your best bet is to shore up your defenses and give absolute power to your immune system so that it absolutely TROUNCES the herpes virus.

You want to give your immune system almost nuclear levels of power to end the war ASAP and send cold sores running for the hills.

One must kill the other. It’s inevitable.

You can do the whole “nucular” arms race thing like Russia and the US did during the cold war (cold wores? AHEM… sorry…).

OR let the herpes nation keep getting stronger and stronger and hope that they show you some pity.

If you’d prefer the former and are ready to fight, Cold Sore Control can show you how:

Your other option is to keep doing what your doing and watch cold sores gain more and more of your facial territory until they control it all.

And you’ve lost.



Chris “the Cold Sore Killer” Mueller

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller