Cold Sore Sufferer “Overdoses” On Vitamin C

Yesterday I talked about vitamin C. But what I DIDN’T know is just how far some people take it.

Here’s what I mean.

I read the following in a cold sore forum:

“As of now I take 38 grams or 38,000mg a day. Yes, 38 pills a day and I plan to up it again! […] Yes, I take others on top of C.”



38 pills a day, not counting all the other vitamins and stuffs he takes!?

And it’s still not enough for him!?

I have… no words.

I don’t judge (usually), but this is just madness.

Madness I say.

I mean, I can barely remember to take a single pill a day, let alone gagging-down thirty-freaking-eight.

Now, this individual claims that taking this absurd amount of vitamin C has completely stopped his outbreaks. So more power to him, I guess.

And I suppose I couldn’t really blame you for going to such crazy lengths to put an end to the vice-like grip recurrent cold sores have on your psyche and your life…

Hey, I too did some stuff I ain’t proud of.

But the reality is there is absolutely no need to take anywhere NEAR that amount of vitamin C to benefit from its immune enhancing effects.


Because vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, which means your body eliminates it quickly through urine.

In fact, studies have shown the human body can only absorb somewhere in the ballpark of 200mg a day.

And the rest gets peed out.

So really, this dude taking 38 grams a day (i.e. 190 times more than he his body can actually use) is LITERALLY flushing 99.5% of the vitamin C he buys straight down the toilet.

Good thing vitamin C ain’t expensive, I suppose. Still a waste of money though…

Look, if you don’t like gagging down pill after pill every day, you’ don’t have to.

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Ways that don’t require you to waste money on a bunch of different supplements (that may or may not work) each and every month.

Plus, you’ll learn why most supplements sold to treat cold sores are a complete and utter waste of money (and gag reflex).

And in some cases, they even do more harm than good.

Chris “the Cold Sore Killer” Mueller

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller