Batman’s secret to no cold sores

One thing that people wonder after reading my ebook Cold Sore Control is how long before they stop getting outbreaks every few weeks?

Well the truth is, it really depends on whether you share one of Batman’s most distinguishing traits:


Fact is, it’s pretty much impossible to tell how fast it will work for you, since there are so many different things that come into play.

Not everybody is in the same bat-boat, which means that for some it might take longer and for others it might only take a few weeks.

What do I mean by that? I mean that since most of the advice in my ebook is diet based (as the very “ambiguous” title would suggest), it really depends on how strictly you follow the guidelines laid out.

If you implement them completely from the get go, you’ll no doubt see results pretty fast.

On the other hand, if you half-azz your way around the rules and never stick to them for more than a day or two at a time, well, you probably won’t see much change.

But hey, I get that changing your diet is hard, I’ve been there.

It takes time and a ton of persistence.

And you will fall off. More than once.

But you gotta keep on truckin’.

Do you think Bruce Wayne ever gave up? Of course not. He probably got his butt kicked more times than math can count.

But he never gave up and he kept practicing. And persisting.

And if you do the same with your diet and take it as seriously as the b-man takes threats to Gotham, you will stop getting cold sores all the time.

Cold Sore Control can help you get there quite a bit faster though:


Chris “the Cold Sore Killer” Mueller

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller