3 ways to prevent a cold sore when you feel it coming

You know the feeling.

That moment when you realize a cold sore is coming.

You’re heart sinks.

That damn tingling feeling again.

Back (yet again) to make your life as miserable as possible.

But hey, all is not necessarily lost.

Because there are a few things that you can do to nip that cold sore in the bud.

Here are 3 things you can try to stop that cold sore dead in its tracks.

And as you’ll notice, lysine supplements are nowhere to be found…

1. Good ol’ pharmaceuticals

The holistic hippies will scorn me for this.

But here is the honest truth.

Pharmaceuticals are by far the most effective way to treat the symptoms of cold sores.

Nothing else can mess with the replication of the herpes virus quite like acyclovir (or valtrex or famvir or whatever the marketing departments choose to call them nowadays).

No natural remedy can hold a candle.

Sure, they can be expensive (depending on where you live).

But having some pills or creams on hand for when the herpes virus decides to attack is some of the best preparation you can have.

2. Ice


Didn’t I previously tell you that ice is a waste of time?

Well, yes! Yes I did.

And I stand by the fact that ice can’t do anything for infected skin cells or for killing the herpes virus.

But one thing I can’t argue against is that ice is incredibly effective at limiting inflammation.

And the thing about cold sores is that the more inflammation there is, the nastier the outbreak will be (in general).

So icing the problematic tingling spot can help limit inflammation.

And even if just a bit, ain’t it worth it?

Now sure, ice won’t do anything to kill off the herpes virions.

So you really want to use it in combination with some kind of pharmaceutical treatment.

But it might just stop you’re own body from sabotaging your face.

3. Cut out sugar

Again with the generic advice that you’ve heard before…

But here’s the thing.

Many people don’t realize just how insidious sugar really is.

It’s everywhere, even in places that you wouldn’t think.

Such as bread and pasta (yes, even the whole wheat kind).

Or fruit juices (yes, even the 100% natural kind).

Or the 10 dollar lattes the yuppies are so fond of.

A good rule of thumb to stop a cold sore in its early stages is to cut out everything except meat and vegetables for a few days.

At least until the worst has passed.

Now will these tricks work every time?

Not a chance.

Can they at least reduce the severity of an outbreak and make the cold sore go away faster?

Most definitely.

And if you combine all three together you greatly increase you’re chances of stopping that damn cold sore before it appears.

But I’m not to fond of stopping a cold sore at the first sign.

Because as effective as these tricks can be, they won’t stop cold sores from coming back all the time.

And you can’t win every single battle.

At some point, a big nasty cold sore is going to get through your defenses.


I’d much rather prevent the first signs from happening at all.

And the best way to do that is to implement a few diet and lifestyle changes ASAP.

That way there is no tingling feeling and you won’t even need expensive pharmaceuticals.

And if you want to learn some more nifty tricks to prevent cold sores, join our mailing list here.

Or don’t, and keep dealing with the symptoms as they come.

Week after week, month after month…


Chris “the Cold Sore Killer” Mueller

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Chris "the Cold Sore Killer" Mueller