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Cold Sore Control

Block YOUR cold sores at the source... and prevent them from EVER breaking out.

Discover the only system designed to naturally stop your cold sores from coming back, WITHOUT expensive creams, antiviral pills, lysine supplements or shady home remedies.

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Let's be honest.
Cold sores f***ing SUCK.

They hurt.

They’re embarrassing.

And they always show up at the worst possible time.

And if you’re sick and tired of dealing with painful, confidence-crushing outbreaks that turn you into a circus freak show every month…

Then keep reading.

Because this page will show you how to…

…finally put an end to embarrassing cold sores that come back over and over again, once and for all.

But first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Chris.

And the first thing you should know about me is… I’m not a doctor.

I’m not a pharmacist or a natural health expert either.

However, I KNOW cold sores.

See, I started getting them as a kid. Which was weird, since no one in my family ever got them.

Growing up, I got small cold sores every 3 or 4 months.

Not a huge deal.

However, when I started college, I suddenly got one so bad I stayed home and skipped class for 2 weeks.

I figured I partied a little more than I should have (that’s how college goes…).

I figured it was a ‘one-off’ and things would return to normal.

But they didn’t.

In fact, they got 10 times worse.

Instead of staying on my lips…

…I’d get inch-wide “clusters” of oozing blisters that spread around my lips, up to my nose and down on my chin.

I felt like ripping my lips off.

Moving my mouth even a tiny bit cranked-up the burning itch to eleven.

Eating normally was a chore.

Brushing my teeth always tore open a blister, which stung like hell.

Sleeping without sticking my cold sore into my pillow was damn near impossible.

Heck, I couldn’t even laugh or smile without blisters splitting open.

And despite my best efforts, blisters would always find a way to open, ooze infectious fluid, and trigger a “freak-show” cold sore right next to the one I already had!

They’d multiply like rabbits.

But it got worse.

I kept getting outbreaks more and more often.

At first, it was every 2 or 3 months.

Then, one every month, And soon after that…

…I’d get a new cold sore every couple of weeks!

Each one worse than the last.

Between the oozing blisters, the yellow crust and the cracking, bleeding scabs, I spent almost every day looking like a disgusting mess.

Problem was, I had no idea why they kept coming back.

It was like living with a ticking time bomb, never knowing when a new cold sore would explode on my face.

It DESTROYED my confidence.

I was so ashamed, I hid from my friends and family.

I’d come up with a lame excuse for every invitation to parties, activities and social gatherings.

They say college is the best time of your life? Well, it was the opposite for me.

I spent most of my time ALONE.

The best years of my life were passing me by.

It even affected my ability to earn a living after college when I tried to find a “real” job.

Each time I’d land an interview, the stress would trigger a huge outbreak just a few days before.

Sure, interviewers did their best not to stare, but I was so self-conscious that I’d screw up the interview every single time.

Meaning for years I was stuck in low paying jobs I was seriously overqualified for with co-workers whispering behind my back about my cold sores.

Needless to say, my dating life was non-existent.

I mean, how could I ask a girl out when I couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror?

Over time, it started to sink in that I just wasn’t an attractive or “worthy” human being.

My entire life was controlled by these damn cold sores.

It was like serving a life sentence in prison.

I knew had to do something about it or else…

…I’d end up broke and alone for the rest of my life.

So I started searching.

I looked into almost every single solution out there.

I tried every cold sore cream or balm I could find.

But at best, they shortened outbreaks by a day or two… but they did absolutely nothing to stop them from flaring right back up again.

I needed something more effective.

So I looked into natural/homemade remedies.

I tried the ones people called “miracles” like lysine supplements, ice, homeopathy, tea tree oil, honey, toothpaste, even ear wax… but none of them did anything for me.

Heck, I even tried drinking hydrogen peroxide (hey, I was desperate!)

All it did was taste horrible and make want to vomit.

Plus, drinking hydrogen peroxide came with a serious risk of chemically burning the inside of my mouth, my esophagus, my stomach and… could even cause INTERNAL BLEEDING!

I gave up on that pretty quick.

And let’s face it.

If any of these treatments actually worked, cold sores wouldn’t be a problem for anyone and pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t be making a killing selling cold sore pills.

Speaking of pharmaceuticals:

I did a lot of research into prescription cold sore treatments.

But they had nasty side effects like nausea and vomiting….

Or uncontrollable trembling…

Or chills…

Or fever…

Or confusion…

Or powerful hallucinations that would turn me into a rambling lunatic!

But it was a moot point because I couldn’t afford the $300/month they cost since I didn’t have any insurance.

Plus, there was no guarantee they would work long term.

I read horror stories about people kept having to increase their dosage because their symptoms would return with a vengeance. And sometimes even the highest, most powerful dosage would STOP working for them!

Talk about being out of options…

I had no idea where to turn.

It seemed like I would never get the relief I so desperately needed.

Until one day…

I stumbled upon a discovery that literally changed my life forever!

It quickly solved almost all my cold sore problems, and cost me basically nothing.

Here’s what happened:

I stumbled across a scientific study from the University of North Carolina that discovered exactly how and when the herpes virus reactivates.

See, when you DON’T have a cold sore, the herpes virus hides inside your nerves and doesn’t do anything (this is called the latency stage).

But it has a finger on the “pulse” of the cell its hiding in. And when it senses that a specific biochemical pathway becomes active (it’s called the ‘c-Jun N-terminal kinase‘ pathway), it wakes up and starts multiplying.

More excitedly, these scientists discovered that if you can block this pathway from becoming activated…

…the herpes virus UNABLE to reactivate at all!

And if the herpes virus can’t reactivate, it’s literally impossible for it to trigger cold sores.

Meaning no itching, no pain, no disgusting oozing blisters and no big ugly scabs.

Funny thing was, nobody was talking about this (heck, to this day almost nobody is talking about this).

Not doctors, not natural health experts, websites, books, online forums… nothing.

It’s as if I was the only cold sore sufferer who’d stumbled across this information.

So I focused all my energy in learning everything I could about this weird biochemical pathway. And, more importantly, how to prevent it from becoming active and letting the herpes virus loose in the first place.

I did a ton of reading. And it paid off.

Because eventually…

I came across a weird method that stopped herpes virus from reactivating at all!

At first, I had no idea if it would work.

But it was so cheap and simple, I had nothing to lose by at least trying.

So, what happened?

It worked so well that…

…I saw a huge difference almost instantly!

In fact, my very next outbreak was PUNY compared to the ones I got before.

On top of that…

  • The size and number of blisters was reduced by half (at least)
  • I felt the pain, itchiness and burning sensation dramatically ease up
  • I could move my mouth much more freely and eat normally
  • I could smile and laugh like a normal person
  • Blisters didn’t threaten to split open at the drop of a hat (and infect other areas)
  • Cold sores stopped spreading all over my face, no more dealing with multiple outbreaks at the same time
  • My scabs healed A LOT faster since they we’re so much smaller, and they didn’t keep bleeding all over the place
  • I experienced a lot of other health benefits as well, like dropping a couple extra pounds, better digestion, having more energy, sleeping better, etc.

But the best part is…

…people stopped staring, simply because there was nothing to look at!

This did WONDERS for my self-confidence.

I was getting less and less outbreaks than ever before.

Now it’s a bad year if I get more than one tiny, almost invisible outbreak!

It changed my life completely.

I no longer thought of myself as a “freak show”.

It was like being freed from prison after having spent years in solitary confinement myself.

I was finally free of cold sores.

These discoveries we’re such a huge turning point for me, I just had to share them with other cold sore sufferers around the world.

So, isn’t It Time YOU Took Control Of Your Cold Sores?

Introducing "Cold Sore Control"

Cold Sore Control is a complete system that describes the exact methods I use to get free from the shackles of cold sores.

It’s composed of four PDF files delivered to you instantly via email. Just click the download link to open them on your phone, tablet or computer (PC or Mac).

That way you can start reading and applying the system RIGHT NOW.

Cold Sore Control is a complete system that describes the exact methods I use to get free from the shackles of cold sores.

It’s composed of four PDF files delivered to you instantly via email. Just click the download link to open them on your phone, tablet or computer (PC or Mac).

That way you can start reading and applying the system RIGHT NOW.

What's included in Cold Sore Control?

‘Cold Sore Control’ is made up of Four components, each contained in their own separate PDF file:

Component 1:

Cold Sore Control - PREVENT

PREVENT is the core component of the Cold Sore Control system. It shows you easy diet/lifestyle rules that:

  1. Lock-up the herpes virus in a deep state of latency
  2. Supercharge your immune system so that if the herpes virus gets out, it gets destroyed on the spot, before it can turn into a full-blown outbreak.

It’s a distillation of my years of trial and error to block cold sores at the source, which I’m handing over to you on a silver platter.

Component 2:

Cold Sore Control - SUPPLEMENT

SUPPLEMENT reveals the very best supplements for both preventing and fighting cold sores, going far beyond l-lysine.

It leverages cutting edge scientific research into how your body interacts with the herpes virus on a biochemical level which allows us to select the most effective supplements to take.

Component 3:

Cold Sore Control - EAT

EAT is a specialized cookbook created with cold sore prevention in mind.

Diet is a huge factor in cold sore prevention. That’s why it contains a collection of recipes with immune system friendly ingredients that will enhance your body’s ability to keep the herpes virus in a state of latency.

Component 4:


The PREVENT CHEAT SHEET is a condensed version of the entire Cold Sore Control system.

It contains an abbreviated list of the strategies detailed inside the PREVENT and SUPPLEMENT manuals, all on a single page that you can easily print out and reference at any time.

So, if you’d like to try my methods for yourself without ANY risk whatsoever, keep reading below for a detailed breakdown of what you’ll learn in each component of Cold Sore Control…

What you'll learn in each component of 'Cold Sore Control'

Component 1:

Cold Sore Control - PREVENT

Block cold sores at the source to stop them from EVER breaking out

Inside Cold Sore Control – PREVENT, you’ll learn how to…

Turn your body into an escape-proof ‘PRISON’ for the herpes virus

Think Alcatraz, but for cold sores. Makes break-outs impossible.

You’ll discover…

  • The little-known “system” in your body that, when healthy, makes it literally impossible for cold sores to come back every few weeks (HINT: it’s NOT your immune system. If your immune system is like the ARMY that goes to war against the herpes virus, this system is like the CIA that works behind the scenes to prevent a war from breaking out in the first place)
  • The weird diet that can potentially put years between your outbreaks. Oddly, this is how Matthew McConaughey (and many other famous actors) gets into shape for movie roles
  • How to control when and how you get outbreaks (if any at all) by learning to avoid the 3 triggers so blatantly obvious, most doctors don’t even know about them
  • Why 99.9% of cold sore treatments (natural, homemade and even pharmaceutical) do absolutely NOTHING to prevent the herpes virus from becoming active (this is especially true for so-called daily preventative treatments like lysine or acyclovir). Here’s what you should do instead
  • The truth behind your recurrent outbreaks. When this “little known” biological process is impaired, it’s impossible to keep the herpes virus in check
  • Why eating TOXINS may be the single most effective way to strong-arm the herpes virus into staying dormant (this restores a delicate balance that is almost ALWAYS out-of-whack in ‘out-of-control’ cold sore sufferers. In fact, depending on your current diet, this may be the ONLY thing you’ll ever need to do to never get a cold sore again…)
  • A fool-proof, scientifically-supported way to stop the nasty molecules that wake-up the herpes virus from sneaking inside your cells. This strategy basically kicks these molecules ‘out on their ass’ (like a 6 foot 6, 250 pound bouncer does to a skinny, drunken “groper”), in under 10 seconds a day
  • Why drinking 2 cups of coffee every single morning may be the best (and easiest) way to stop cold sores from coming back (despite what most doctors and “experts” say)
  • The “innocent” food almost everyone eats that is almost as addictive as heroine (and no, it’s not sugar). Problem is, it’s one of the worst things you can possibly eat to trigger almost weekly, “freak-show” level cold sores. Here’s a quick-and-dirty way to escape the stranglehold it has on you, almost instantly, with basically zero “withdrawal symptoms”
  • Why zero calorie sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose (that MILLIONS of people consume every day) not only destroy a crucial part of your immune system, but can directly reactivate the herpes virus faster than almost anything else
  • A sneaky, scientifically proven way to cut the calories in rice by up to 60 percent! This is important, because high blood sugar spikes caused by eating too many carbohydrates (like in rice, pasta, bread, etc.) can brew up the perfect storm for triggering cold sores in a hurry
  • 6 reasons why nuts are GREAT for preventing cold sores, despite what pundits and “anti-arginine evangelists” say
  • The weird “high fat” diet that brute-forces the herpes virus into submission (plus, this diet can also give your immune system a quick and almost immediate boost, which is super useful for beating down a cold sore that’s knocking on your door)
  • Stop eating breakfast. Studies have shown that typical breakfast foods (like cereals and toast) are like “acid” to your immune system, and…

free-up the herpes virus, allowing it to wreak absolute havoc on your lips!

Look, I’m not gonna blow smoke up your butt. A lot of preventing cold sores is about what you eat, and (more importantly) what you DON’T eat.

“But wait!” you say. “Isn’t all cold sore diet advice based on taking the amino acid lysine and avoiding arginine? Like avoiding chocolate and nuts?”

Well yes, ‘most’ cold sore diet advice is.

But like I said, you can’t find the tricks inside Cold Sore Control anywhere else (believe me, I’ve looked).

Plus, I dunno if you’ve tried avoiding arginine and taking daily lysine…

But when I did, I still kept getting cold sores left and right.

And not only was it a pain in the ass and scientifically impossible to avoid arginine entirely, *it turns out it does absolutely nothing to keep the herpes virus in a state of latency!

And besides, while digging into the science about arginine, I discovered that arginine is actually very important for maintaining a healthy immune system, and has even been shown to help fight off the herpes virus and speed up the healing of scabs!

But there’s more.

Inside Cold Sore Control  – PREVENT, you’ll also learn…

How to Turn Your Immune System Into a Cold Sore Killing Machine

Inside Cold Sore Control, you’ll also discover little known strategies to *turn your body into a cold sore crushing machine.

That way IF the herpes virus does wake up (big if), it gets destroyed before it does any damage.

Now, outbreaks won’t happen very often (or even at all) when you use the strategies inside Cold Sore Control.

But as the saying goes: better safe than sorry.

That’s why you’ll also discover:

  • The blatantly obvious reason why if you have to resort to using ANY cold sore treatment at all (pharmaceutical or otherwise), you’ve already lost the battle. Instead, find out exactly what its next move is, so you can outsmart it at every turn (like a chess grand-master who ‘effortlessly’ anticipates his opponent’s next 15 moves)
  • The ONE question you need to answer to know if a specific food is good or bad for cold sores. Never again wonder if you should or shouldn’t eat something
  • Doctors are experts when it comes to nutrition and eating right, yes? NO! Here’s why most medical experts are absolute ‘simpletons’ when it comes to telling the difference between foods that stop cold sores and foods that trigger them
  • Why if your cold sores are out of control, then something might be seriously wrong with your immune system’s health. Fix it by doing THIS, and watch many other health problems disappear (not just cold sores)
  • Eat as much meat as you want. In fact, it’s essential if you want to give your immune system the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to crush the herpes virus in one fell swoop (going vegetarian or vegan will only crush your immune system instead of cold sores)
  • Did you know that eating lots of fat is actually crucial for good health and a strong immune system? It’s true! However, it needs to be the right kind of fat, or else you risk making your outbreaks twice as bad
  • How to force your cells to ‘EAT’ the herpes virus particles that are trying to hi-jack them. Not only can this little-known, scientifically proven process reduce symptoms down to almost nothing, but it even recycles parts of the herpes virus into something useful! (BEST PART: you need to do nothing, and I mean LITERALLY nothing, to make this happen automatically)
  • The common hot dog topping (and it’s Korean equivalent) that boosts your immune system by re-balancing the healthy bacteria in your gut. Studies have found that this food actually contains up to 100 times more probiotics than yogurt
  • Go ahead, indulge in chocolate (every day if you want). Provided it’s of high quality, it can actually help hold the herpes virus in latency (despite what common advice says)
  • The strange secret signals that indicate a cold sore is just around the corner. Once you know about these subtle signs, you’ll see outbreaks coming from a mile away and be able to stop them before any damage is done
  • 3 “innocent” foods most people eat every single day that drains the immune system and violently wakes-up the herpes virus. Here’s what you should eat instead
  • The little known compound found in red wine that’s scientifically proven to destroy the herpes virus ON CONTACT. (of course, this isn’t a free pass to get black-out-drunk every night, but drinking one glass a few times a week or even while you have an outbreak gives your body an extra weapon for obliterating cold sores)
  • And a whole lot more…

Component 2:

Cold Sore Control - SUPPLEMENT

Discover supplements that enhance your body's ability to keep cold sores away

It’s true, you can prevent cold sores without supplements.


The right supplement at the right time can spell the difference between 1 or 2 tiny cold sores a year and NO cold sores at all

But there’s a problem…

Did you know that most cold sore supplements don’t contain a single one of the ingredients/compounds your body needs to keep the herpes virus asleep?

Instead, they rely on lysine or exotic herbal extracts that have little to no science to back them up.

Worse, some claim to work even better than pharmaceuticals, even if they have no proof behind them whatsoever…

Some even go as far as telling you take over 300$ worth of homeopathic products each month (even if homeopathy is based on pseudoscience and has been scientifically dis-proven for over 100 years)!!!

That’s why Cold Sore Control – SUPPLEMENT reveals the select few supplements that actually help reduce activation of the herpes virus by blocking the ‘c-Jun N-terminal kinase’ pathway.

You’ll discover…

  • Why 99% of cold sore supplements miss the point when it comes to preventing (and treating) outbreaks
  • Why if these two fatty acids are out of balance in your body, your immune system (and even your brain) could be severely compromised. Taking one of these as a supplement may be the ONLY way to restore the delicate balance
  • Did you know that 97% of this important mineral is removed from your food before it even hits the grocery store? This is despite the fact it is essential for fighting off viral infections (including the herpes virus)
  • How to tell if your supplements actually end up in your bloodstream. If they don’t, you may as well be flushing them down the toilet (along with your money)
  • A little known supplement discovered by a Nobel Prize winning scientist at MIT that may be more effective at preventing cold sores than the best selling prescription drug
  • Experts say 85% of people are deficient in this vitamin, which is vital for a strong immune response. It’s almost impossible to get enough of it through food, no matter how hard you try or how healthy you eat
  • Why getting enough of this nutrient through food is the best way to flood your body with toxins and radioactive compounds. A supplement might be the only safe way to get this vital nutrient
  • Vegetarians and vegans get all the nutrients they need through their plant based diet, right? NO! In fact, they get virtually none of these two nutrients essential for the immune system, even though they think they do. Recent science shows these may even help prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • A mineral 75% of people are deficient in that is required to make the body’s most powerful antioxidant. PLUS – Science has shown this “super-antioxidant” directly inhibits replication of the herpes virus
  • The super cheap vitamin that may be more effective at preventing the flu virus than a vaccine (no, it’s not vitamin C). Just imagine what it can do against the cold sore virus
  • Why rubbing magnesium on your skin is a scientifically proven waste of time. Instead, discover the only form of this mineral potent enough to pass the blood-brain barrier
  • How to get up to 20 servings of fruits and vegetables in less than 30 seconds a day. If your diet is otherwise healthy, this could be the only trick you need to never, EVER get a cold sore again
  • Why drinking a cup of green tea daily is one of the best things you could do to prevent cold sores from coming back
  • Two weird algae extracts scientifically proven to increase immune system activity, plummet oxidative stress, scavenge heavy metals from the body and even help prevent cancer. BEST PART: They’ve even been shown to destroy the herpes virus and fight cold sores with as much gusto as acyclovir
  • Why supplements containing “proprietary blends” should be avoided like the plague. Most are a waste of money and may even be damaging to your health
  • The little known compound contained in a weird spice that can directly block the biochemical pathway responsible for waking up the herpes virus
  • And a whole lot more, including…

How to make any supplement you take twice as effective… 3 foods that make lysine a complete waste of time and money… 2 immune boosting nutrients that need to be taken together… A popular daily vitamin that may be damaging your immune system… Why low quality supplements can trigger big, nasty cold sores… A vitamin (which costs pennies) that is scientifically proven to stop the herpes virus from replicating and can even help prevent cancer… The one question to ask to instantly know if a supplement is useful or useless… and more.

Component 3:

Cold Sore Control - EAT

Fast and easy recipes that help your immune system fight off cold sores

A lot of the strategies for preventing outbreaks in Cold Sore Control are diet based.

So the #1 problem people have is not knowing how to prepare “cold sore friendly” meals quickly and easily that actually taste good.

Instead, many end up eating prepackaged meals, take-out or fast-food devoid of nutrition and chock full of outbreak triggering toxins.

As far as I know, there’s no other cookbook designed specifically to help people prevent future cold sore outbreaks.

So, I created my own.

It’s called the Cold Sore Control – EAT.

It a “bare-bones” cookbook (meaning no fancy hi-def images) containing 33 easy to prepare recipes that are great for preventing outbreaks.

They aren’t boring either. How does chili, tacos, “fall-off-the-bone” ribs and “melt-in-your-mouth” brownies sound?

Too good to be true? Trust me, it’s not.

It also contains a sample meal planner you can print out and follow for yourself. You can even customize it to fit your own preferences. Having a plan like this makes preventing cold sores by sticking to healthy eating habits 10 times easier.

Plus, seeing these recipes in action gives you a deep understanding of what makes a healthy, cold sore killing meal.

That way, you’ll know what to look for when finding other recipes online or in other cookbooks. Or heck, you could even come up with your own if you want to.

All the food related rules for preventing outbreaks covered in Cold Sore Control – PREVENT are built into these recipes.

So if you wanted to, you could skip the main manual entirely and get all the cold sore “killing” benefits I talk about just by using the cookbook and meal planner alone.

Component 4:


The entire Cold Sore Control system on a single page

I’m not going to lie. There is a lot of information inside the PREVENT and SUPPLEMENT components.

And remembering all the main points (let alone the smaller details) when you need them the most can be tricky.

Sure, you may remember one or two of the main concepts. But if you want to have the best chance at stopping cold sores from coming back, it’s best to put as many of the tools inside Cold Sore Control to work for you.

But will you remember all the concepts when you need them?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Again, your best bet is to put as many of the concepts for obliterating impending cold sores to work for you, at the precise moment you need them.

I mean sure, you could always go digging into your phone or computer and sift through all the pages to find the tidbit of information you’re looking for.

But will you? Or…

…will you only use the few strategies you remember off the top of your head and leave the rest to chance?

Maybe I’m just lazy, but that’s generally what I do when I’m learning something new.

But you don’t have to leave anything up to chance.

Because when you buy Cold Sore Control, you also get this nifty cheat sheet.

It’s a one page PDF document that summarizes all the information contained inside the PREVENT and SUPPLEMENT components.

It lays out on a single page all the strategies you need for preventing future outbreaks.

It’s a “roadmap” that you can print out and stick it to your refrigerator (or anywhere else), so you can refer to it whenever you need to.

That way you’re never stuck wondering what to do to next.

It’s all laid out for you in an easy to follow manner.

So, how does living a life free of cold sores sound to you?

What will you do when cold sores are just a bad memory?

Just Imagine if you could…

  • Eat, smile and laugh normally…
  • Not have to hide out of shame…
  • Show your face in public without thinking twice…
  • Look at yourself in the mirror without hating what you see…
  • Feel like a confident and attractive human being…
  • Live your life as you see fit, without cold sores holding you back…

It’s all possible.

And that’s what you get with Cold Sore Control.

What else do you get with Cold Sore Control?

‘Cold Sore Control’ is available in two versions:

  1. The Regular Version
  2. The Premium Version

The Regular Version comes with all four main components listed above (i.e. PREVENT, SUPPLEMENT, EAT and PREVENT CHEAT SHEET).

The Premium Version also contains the four main components (same as the Regular Version), but comes with two additional bonuses:

Premium Bonus 1:

Cold Sore Control - TREAT

Cold Sore Control – TREAT contains all the information you need to get rid of impending or existing cold sores as fast as possible.

It shows you how to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment efforts by attacking the herpes virus from three different angles.

Premium Bonus 2:

Cold Sore Control - TREAT CHEAT SHEET

The TREAT CHEAT SHEET is a condensed version of Cold Sore Control – TREAT.

It contains an abbreviated list of the treatment strategies detailed inside the TREAT manual, all on a single page that you can easily print out and reference at any time you feel a cold sore coming.

Again, you ONLY get these two bonuses when you buy the Premium Version of Cold Sore Control. They are NOT included with the Regular version.

Keep reading below to get more details about these two Premium bonuses.

PREMIUM Bonus Details

Premium Bonus 1:

Cold Sore Control - TREAT

Treatment strategies to get rid of impending or existing cold sores as fast as possible

Not only do cold sores suck, most cold sore treatments also suck.

In most cases, you spend money on a treatment that promises good results and follow the instructions to a T.

But after it’s all said and done, you’re cold sore gets just as big and nasty as usual.

It sucks.

I don’t know how many times I bought a tube of cream that promised to stop things from getting out of hand…

…only to have my cold sore turn into a monster!

The problem is all those cold sore treatments ONLY attack the herpes virus from one angle.

But here’s the thing…

There are 3 other treatment targets you can exploit to help get rid of your cold sores faster.

And if you ignore these other treatment targets (like most cold sore treatments do), you’re not stopping anything.

The TREAT manual shows you what these treatment targets are, and how to exploit them most effectively.

Inside Cold Sore Control – TREAT, you’ll learn…

  • How to triple the effectiveness of any cold sore treatment. By matching the right treatment to each one of these 4 “targets” (no, the herpes virus is NOT the only enemy), you can easily obliterate any outbreak much, MUCH faster
  • Why avoiding the so-called “evil” amino acid arginine is the best way to drag out the duration of a cold sore. In fact, science shows arginine is actually crucial for healing the damage caused by cold sores
  • The incredibly cheap, common household item that works better and faster than even the most expensive prescription pharmaceutical. You can use this RIGHT NOW to destroy oozing blisters in minutes, without the risk of spreading the infection
  • A weird bodybuilder trick that makes outbreaks vanish fast. Do it and watch all sorts of health issues disappear too, not just cold sores
  • Why daily prescription pharmaceuticals might be destroying your immune system and may even help contribute to yanking the herpes virus OUT of latency (even though they are supposed to protect you against it). If you let this happen, you’ll be hopelessly dependent on massive doses of expensive pills, since they will be the ONLY treatment that works for you (until they don’t…)
  • Natural remedies are better than expensive pharmaceuticals, right? NOT TRUE! Here’s why, and what to do instead so you’re never dependent on ANY remedy, pharmaceutical or otherwise
  • The 5-minute “scorched-earth” method for stopping the progress of even the most severe outbreak dead in its tracks. There’s no scientific evidence that I know of to back this up, but…

…it’s easily the cheapest and most powerful trick I know for destroying oozing blisters in mere minutes!

This won’t make your cold sore vanish if it’s already out (nothing can). But it lets you “leapfrog” the unbearably painful and itchy blister stage, rocketing you straight into the healing process.

This is hands-down the easiest way to cut days, sometimes even a full week off the whole ordeal.

What’s most remarkable about this method is, it immediately halts the growth of cold sore blisters and ‘destroys’ them on the spot.

So, the earlier you catch it and the smaller the blisters are, the smaller the scab will be and the quicker it will heal.

But that’s not all you’ll learn inside Cold Sore Control – TREAT. You’ll also discover…

  • Why antioxidants are useless for treating an ongoing or impending cold sore (you need to read this if you’re thinking about holding a wet tea bag on your cold sore).
  • How to tell when a cold sore is coming DAYS before you feel that dreaded tingle. Once you know this secret, you’ll be able to crush the herpes virus long before it does any damage.
  • The “boxing trainer” secret to healing scabs in record time (this has been used by pro-boxers for decades to quickly heal cuts and scrapes after a fight. Best part, it’s incredibly cheap and may even help prevent the reactivation of the herpes virus.)
  • Why “big pharma” wants to keep you riddled with cold sores. Learn the dirty secret behind why doctors give out prescriptions like candy.
  • The little-known compound that can double the healing speed of your next cold sore scab. Plus, this “miracle” nutrient has also been shown to help with a laundry list of other health problems (like reduce the signs of aging, improve joint health, prevent bone loss, reduce cellulite, weight loss, healthy teeth and gums, re-balance hormones, support healthy arteries, alleviate anxiety, etc.)
  • Why your immune system is your own worst enemy during a cold sore. Here’s a simple trick to make it fight for you, not against you.
  • The secret ‘Triple Threat’ strategy that stalls the progress of any outbreak almost instantly. Do this whenever you feel one flaring up and, if you use this method at the very first sign of a cold sore (before blisters have popped out), you can often…

…prevent the blisters from forming at all!

So, what would it be worth to you if you could cut days, even a full week off your next outbreak?

Or heck, what if you had the power to completely stop an impending cold sore “on the spot” and not even have to suffer through weeks of the pain and shame of cold sores?

That’s what you get with Cold Sore Control – TREAT. And you can only get it when you buy the Premium Version of Cold Sore Control.

Premium Bonus 2:

Cold Sore Control - TREAT CHEAT SHEET

The entire Cold Sore Control - TREAT system on a single page

Cold Sore Control – TREAT doesn’t force you to use any specific products or treatments.

Instead, it categorizes treatments based on what stage or target of cold sores they are effective against.

Then, it lets you choose what specific treatment you want to use at every step (like a choose-you-own-adventure type thing).

Want to use natural treatments? You can do that.

Want to use prescription pharmaceutical cold sore treatments? You can do that too.

It’s up to you.

That way, you can find the treatment “path” that works best for you.

However, all these options mean that there are over 150 total treatment “paths” that you can choose from!

Sounds complicated, right?

Well, to cut through the confusion and make sure you’re never stuck wondering what treatment to use and when, I’m also adding as a bonus the Cold Sore Control – TREAT CHEAT SHEET.

It’s a condensed version of Cold Sore Control – TREAT.

It a one page PDF document that summarizes all your treatment options for each cold sore stage.

It contains a nifty table that lays out all the treatment options you can use, how to use them, what stage to use them against, and a specific timeline to follow so you know how long to use each treatment.

It makes the whole process foolproof.

That way, you’re never left wondering what you should be doing next to obliterate a cold sore before it gets out of hand.

Say you just started feeling that dreaded tingling sensation. All you have to do is pull out the TREAT CHEAT SHEET, check what treatments to use during the tingling stage, and apply them.

It’s all laid out on a single page for your convenience so you can print it out and keep it close for when you need it.

And it’s only available when you buy the Premium Version of Cold Sore Control.

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Now, you’re probably still skeptical.

You’ve been burned before by cold sore treatments or ebooks that didn’t even come close to delivering on their promises.

I’ve been there. It sucks.

Plus, I’m just a stranger on the internet selling ebooks about cold sores.

And the cold, hard truth is, I can’t make any specific promises to you.

I won’t insult your intelligence and say that simply owning Cold Sore Control will stop your cold sores forever (after all, it’s just a computer file).

I don’t know you, your cold sore history, what treatments you’ve tried, what your specific problem is or even if you’ll actually use the information inside Cold Sore Control.

So why should you believe anything I say?

You shouldn’t.

It’s on me to deliver on my promises.

So, I’m offering you to try out my methods without risking anything.

That’s why every purchase comes with…

My No Questions Asked "Infected-For-Life" 100% Money Back Guarantee

Like it or not, we’re both stuck with the herpes virus for the rest of our lives. So I figure…

…why should I offer anything less?

So, if at any point during the rest of your life you aren’t getting only very few outbreaks… if they aren’t tiny… if you haven’t regained the confidence and self-respect you lost to cold sores… if you haven’t been able to retake control of your social and love life… or if you’re just not satisfied with this ebook in any way, I will give you all your money back.

If you want a refund, just send me an email at

If you don’t think Cold Sore Control is the BEST ebook about dealing with cold sores you’ve EVER read, I wouldn’t feel right keeping your money.

I’ll refund you as soon as I read your email (usually the same day, depending on time zones and whatnot). You won’t even need to talk to me.

There’s no form to fill out, nothing to prove.

I won’t even ask you why.

On top of that, you get to keep the ebook, the Supplement Guide, the Cookbook and the Treatment Guide (if you bought the Premium version) even if you ask for a refund.

That means ZERO risk for you and you can technically use all this info for free, if you want to.

How much does Cold Sore Control cost?

You can get the Regular version of Cold Sore control for just $157, or the Premium version for $169.56.

Choose which version you want to buy below by clicking the REGULAR or PREMIUM yellow buttons below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you get cold sores all the time, I’m willing to bet *your immune system is “weaker” than it could be. If it wasn’t, why would you be getting outbreaks so often? *The strategies inside Cold Sore Control have helped many people strengthen their immune system, sometimes in just a few weeks (something no cream, natural remedy or prescription pharmaceutical can do). So while I can’t make any specific promises (if I did, I’d be lying), I’m very confident it can help you significantly reduce your symptoms, at the very least. Plus, with the “infected-for-life” guarantee, you risk absolutely nothing.

I’m sure your doctor and pharmacist would love you to believe this myth. That way, they could keep selling you expensive treatments. But science says otherwise. It all comes down to providing your body with the right combination of nutrients it needs to keep the herpes virus dormant. Cold Sore Control breaks it all down for you in an easy to understand way.

Before I started my quest to fight off cold sores, I truly believed my eating habits were healthy. Boy was I wrong. Now, I’m not saying that you don’t eat healthy (maybe you do). Just that *a lot of foods many people think are healthy are absolutely toxic for the immune system. More than a few ones surprised me, for sure. Plus, if you already knew everything I share inside Cold Sore Control, you wouldn’t be reading this because you simply wouldn’t get cold sores any more.

I feel you. Before I even had the idea of writing Cold Sore Control, I bought every single ebook on the subject I could find. Unfortunately, they were all nonsense and had virtually no scientific data to back them up. They only covered typical cold sore “remedies” you can easily find on google like ice, tea tree oil, homeopathy, lysine, hydrogen peroxide, DMSO, etc. Only a few sources even mentioned the importance of diet, and the few that did glossed over it and only talked about avoiding arginine and taking lysine. Plus, as far as I can tell, Cold Sore Control is the ONLY ebook that teaches you how to keep the herpes virus dormant by leveraging the ground-breaking discovery about the ‘c-Jun N-terminal kinase pathway’ we talked about earlier. It was because of this lack information on the topic that I wrote Cold Sore Control in the first place. Honestly, if there already was another guide like Cold Sore Control, I wouldn’t of bothered writing it…

As mentioned above, every Cold Sore Control purchase comes with a lifetime, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee. Just send an email to and I’ll refund you as soon as possible.

Yes! I want to buy Cold Sore Control right away!

When you buy the Regular version of Cold Sore Control for $157, you understand that you will receive…

  • Cold Sore Control – PREVENT
  • Cold Sore Control – SUPPLEMENT
  • Cold Sore Control – EAT
  • PREVENT Cheat Sheet

And when you buy the Premium version for $169.56 you also get:

  • Cold Sore Control – TREAT
  • TREAT Cheat Sheet

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Cold Sore Control - PREVENT

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Cold Sore Control - TREAT (Bonus #1)

TREAT Cheat Sheet (Bonus #2)

After clicking either of the yellow “Buy Now” buttons above, you will be taken to a checkout page where you will be asked to enter your name and email address.

After that, click the big yellow ‘Paypal’ button you’ll see on the next page. Once you click this button, you’ll be redirected to a ‘Paypal’ transaction page where you’ll be asked to enter your payment information for the Cold Sore Control version you chose.

Once the payment is complete, you will be redirected to the confirmation page. DO NOT close your browser before you see this page.

The confirmation page will contain the instructions on how to download your purchase immediately.

One last thing...

Now you know how the information contained in Cold Sore Control can help you.

It’s helped many others put an end to their cold sores and retake control over their lives.

It’s worked for me… and I’m positive it will work for you too.

You know that with the “Infected-For-Life” 100% money back guarantee, you are safe and completely protected.

And here’s something we both know:

Your next cold sore is coming…

The question is, when?

Will it be a big nasty outbreak next week? Or will it be a tiny, almost invisible “spec” next year?

The clock is ticking.

So, will you keep on using the same old treatments you’ve been using for years and get the same old results (or lack thereof)?

Or will you decide to change things for the better and finally take back control of your life from those nasty cold sores once and for all?

Your call.

To a life free of cold sores,

Chris Mueller

Creator of Cold Sore Control