Cold Sore Control

*Stop Cold Sores From Ever Breaking Out

What is Cold Sore Control?

Cold Sore Control is your guide to *knocking the herpes virus into a coma by harnessing the power of a new, breakthrough scientific discovery. This puts an end to nasty outbreaks that come back again and again, so you can finally stop hiding and live a life free of cold sores.

The Missing Battle Plan For Recurring Cold Sore Sufferers

Prevent Cold Sores

*Leverage little-known diet tricks that make it literally impossible for the herpes virus to reactivate. This can give you months, even years between outbreaks.

Stop Flare-Ups

A step-by-step plan to *stop an outbreak dead in its tracks and destroy small blisters in minutes, before they burst open, spread all over and turn you into a circus freak-show.

All You Need

No need to waste hundreds of dollars each month on pills, creams and weird home remedies that barely work. *Be completely independent of any cold sore treatment.

Learn The Secrets To *Becoming Cold Sore Proof

Trigger Truths

*Control when and how you get cold sores (if any at all) by avoiding the single most important trigger that nobody else is talking about.

See Them Coming

The subtle signs you "experience" that *indicate a cold sore is coming. Never fear that dreaded tingling sensation again.

Keep 'Em Small

Discover the "triple-threat" method to *instantly stall the growth of a cold sore and make your symptoms as mild as possible (even invisible).

Power Treatments

How to leverage your immune system in synergy with pills or creams *so you can easily obliterate your outbreaks twice as fast.

Supplement Secrets

A little-known supplement (discovered by a Nobel Prize winning MIT scientist) that may be *more potent than some prescription meds.

Diet Strategies

Discover the little-known diet strategy that literally *forces your cells to "eat up" the herpes virus before it does any damage.

Uncover The *Myths Keeping You Riddled With Cold Sores.

  • Why taking lysine is a scientifically proven waste of time. Instead, learn why eating toxins can *make it impossible for the herpes virus to replicate at all.

  • Avoiding arginine? Stop. Recent science shows your immune system actually NEEDS arginine to fight off the herpes virus.

  • Why drinking hydrogen peroxide or rubbing DMSO on your neck is DANGEROUS and should be avoided at all cost.

  • Why "natural home remedies" like toothpaste, vanilla, cornstarch, tea bags and ear wax are useless*. Here's what to do instead.

  • Why *foods like chocolate and nuts may actually be beneficial for fighting and preventing cold sores, despite what everyone says.

  • The little-known nutrient that can *double the healing speed of your next cold sore scab.

  • *Why your immune system is your own worst enemy during a cold sore. Here’s a simple trick to make it fight for you, not against you.

  • And a whole lot more...